Ezinne Ukoha
1 min readNov 8, 2023


Sunny days with faces set in tone.

Miles away fragments of death

circulate amid swirling destruction.

The rays from the shiny globe

are blurred from the dustiness

of fallen structures.

On the other side, rambunctious

kids accelerate upwards

to settle on plush greenery.

The bluest sky blesses

pursuits with fresh kisses.

On the side of defeat,

slabs of concrete provide

deadly cocoons for lifeless dolls.

Buried in the misfortune

they never sought.

Full light from above

caresses morbidity

setting anguish as torchlight.

Happy screams

content commuters,

rushed pedestrians

in a world slathered

with coats of whiteness.

In the humbling darkness,

sheets of red are the pathways

to symbolic corpses with lips

formed as they were.

The hardened betrayals of history

stages soulful morgues.

Mothers born to wail,

will their pristine offspring

to show life.

Images of arranged

carcasses leak dried fluid.

The scene dazzles

with alarming frenzy.

Leaders with coins

of colonization place wagers.

Profits from the past

carry residue

for present calamities.

Black, brown, other

bonded by their suffocation.

Delirious joy from privilege

conceived for world mayhem.

Counters soundtrack of pleas,

pummeling the earth.

The rage grows louder

with forceful reckoning.

Cowards with hearts

of stained stone,

retain mandates

of necessary evil.

Fire and brimstone

burn through the earth.

Quakes of resistance

shudder with hope.

White veils will wither

to expose white.

The others will join

the buried to unearth

dreams for tomorrow.

Rockets will launch

to blast the past.

Sunny days will reclaim

the lost ones.

Those in bondage

will rise to revoke privileges.

White will be white

no more.