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Mental Illness Is Not a Reality for TV and We Need to Stop The Madness

I hate Oprah for introducing us to Dr. Phil. What a creep. Even his moniker reeks of bad taste and putrid ignorance for those that need to be shielded from the blatant glares of bored losers who are too lazy to change the channel. And so they stay glued to the disgusting parade of sub-humans opening up to a well-preserved Frankenstein — who doesn’t give two fucks about their well-being or diced future.

The reason why I despise Oprah Winfrey so much is that she is the Queen of Daytime filth. She saw the future and grabbed it with her millions and minions.

She established the order with her formidable discoveries that were meant to breathe truth into lost souls — but really only serve as mirrored pieces that should be gathered together with care and precision. But, instead are regulated to the gawking practices that we are now accustomed to.

Mental illness is real.

Reality TV has served you well and you gobble and digest the careless fodder with gusto as you prepare the summary you will read off to co-workers the next day. Your job might be light-hearted bubble that overflows when you hit the quota for a raise or extra vacation days — but you have to know that lives are being fucked with — and this isn’t a Reality that you want to joke about with undiluted glee.

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