Hidden seashells under raw feet, the murmuring coast would enthrall senses for want and wanting, wrapped in unfolded dreams.

We ached for longing, drawing us closer in sandy embrace that unclog roomy hearts, glistening in the sun.

Submerged in recollections of you, filling the furrows of loss with splashes of oceanic fondling.

Walking hand in hand across landscapes of curated moss, buries the sting from uncatchable rays, shouting for the break we knew was coming.

Planted marks of caresses still lead around the bend, to the soundtrack of new lovers, curled in soft repose.

In the middle of searching embraces, they catch my arms surrounding the air you left when the night of departure drew bold lines.

The trek up the hill to what’s waiting is a comforting lap through frozen warmth of visited replays.

A love that hazes is the precious one of all.

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