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A face only NBC could love

Megyn Kelly and The Stench of a Fake-Cleansed Media

Don’t shield your noses, you should be used to this by now

Megyn Kelly is at it again. The blonde and ambitious journalist who stood her ground against then presidential hopeful Donald Trump — during the most potently vile election season most of us have ever witnessed — was rewarded for her heroic efforts with a high-profile switcheroo that emancipated her from the dregs of Fox News into the gallant embrace of NBC .

She assumed the title of “World’s Highest Female News Anchor” and currently hosts Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly.

Kelly’s new gig made headlines, as emphasis surrounded the hype of a woman — known for her stellar work at a network that basically streams its allegiance to hate-mongering.

Her blotted contribution to a destructive narrative that helped elevate a bigoted statesman — whom she sparred with for ratings — and the much-needed career boost — will always be the tangible evidence against her.

As her star began to undergo extensive renovations, Kelly made the rounds to accommodate her heightened status as she was feted by the industry-at-large and gifted with level of recognition befitting a successful woman of her stature.

She earned the respect of her peers with generous helpings of her brand of justice. Like that one time she emphatically defended the belief that both Santa Claus and Jesus Christ are White men — and then went on to play the victim — when shit hit the fan.

Thank you Jesus for Fox News!

To be quite honest, I really could give a damn about the genetic dispositions of historical figures. I think Santa is creepy as fuck so if White folks want to claim him — by all means go for it!

Jesus, on the other hand has roots in the bible, and is supposedly the human manifestation of God Almighty — so whether he’s White or Red — doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

Kelly’s pathetic plea to White kids — writhing in confusion in response to the biggest threat to their sheltered existence — was bearable compared to the ultimate betrayal — that was delivered with authoritative swag.

The modern day “Wonder Woman” (okay, I’m reaching!) who was added to The Hollywood Reporter’s illustrious — “Women in Entertainment” list — and touted as the approved example for elite feminism — seized the ripe opportunity to slam dunk a Black woman who died at the hands of the law.

Sandra Bland was murdered by the system.

Her disturbing encounter with a state trooper back in July 2015 — after she was pulled over for a traffic violation — resulted with her being forcibly thrown out of her vehicle, dragged away — and repeatedly slammed against the hot concrete ground — before she was carted away like a sedated brute to the location of her demise.

While discussing the case, Kelly, enhanced the narrative by portraying Bland as the stereotypical mouthy, aggressive, uncouth Black woman that usually populates Tyler Perry’s itinerary — and even worse — Bland’s suicide was shopped as the natural order of things — due to her challenging mental state.

The pain and anger that guards the spirit of a Black woman in America — watching a White woman that America loves with no reservation — mock the serene spirit of a dead woman who committed the crime of being born Black — can’t be adequately conveyed to those of you who try to imagine — but fail anyway.

But it’s not fair to heap all the blame on the anointed messenger, after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day — and according to the scriptures — God didn’t achieve his wondrous kingdom during a 24-hour cycle.

The diabolical coercion of the media — that mandates that the pettiness of our appetites be washed through the pipes of other people’s misfortune and unrighteous pain — is currently the postcard that arrives freakishly on time.

It glitters our inboxes and timelines with baited defiance.

When Kelly signed her multi-million dollar deal with NBC — she managed to continue her streak of upholding the liberalism of White feminism by helping to evacuate the services of a seasoned journalist who was not only a fierce Black woman — but also a formidable talent in her own right.

Tamron Hall excused herself from NBC — in order to secure her dignity, which was never under threat, but when society needs America’s Next Top Princess to assume the throne — right or wrong becomes blurry.

Kelly may have the looks, privilege and support of salivating network execs to help propel and secure her validity, but her highly-publicized debut — featuring the grotesque embodiment of a cowardly thug — Russia’s Vladimir Putin — was a relentless let down.

The viral criticism spread like wild fire as the very notion of Kelly’s signature antics suddenly thundered echoes of melancholia — alerting us of what happens when an initiated infection becomes too adventurous to contain.

Kelly received her honorable mention and surgical dissection via think pieces and highlighted links to the startling evidence proving her adherence to all things scandalous and vile.

The latest in her asserted task force — is the face-to-face with far-right radio host Alex Jones — a White man who loathes anyone who isn’t White and most likely shares his glossy interviewer’s passion for White Santas.

Jones is described as a conspiracy theorists who takes pride in his incoherent illustrations of what he heartily and embarrassingly translates as “make believe” — at the expense of victims of a system that is rigged for their lifelong banishment into the jaws of hell.

Jones, shares a lot about a lot of things and most of them aren’t my concern — except the part where he pisses all over 9/11 and the beautiful young souls of Sandy Hook Elementary School.

I was in the city when the planes hit the two towers — so fuck that! I also vividly remember the trauma of visualizing young bodies falling at the mercy of bullets — that the country of their descent created with the casual negligence of the Wild, Wild West.

People are up in arms about NBC’s desire to grant Kelly permission to transform an unblemished reputation into a slushy rendition of what she left behind — once the going got great.

Yes, her taste in men is despicable at best — but she sure knows hot to pick’ em when it comes to her preferred venue.

The stench of a fake-cleansed media is all the rage at the moment — as we pretend to cover our noses in disgust as we click through the menu of mutilated shit.

Yet, we can hardly escape the seduction of graphic videos and pimped out images that we share with lust — encased in the satisfaction that we’re doing our part to keep civilization protected from the beast of our burden — who happens to be a huge fan of Alex Jones — the man that Kelly claims needs the spotlight — in order for the world to comprehend his power and might.

The families of the children that were gunned down by a mad man are understandably distressed by NBC’s endorsement of Megyn Kelly — a golden goddess with magnificent powers that surpass law and order.

She’s seamlessly granted access into the freakish abode of White men who spend a shit load of their time spewing out the kind of garbage that can only be released from the canals of society’s ordained.

Kelly and Jones have already amassed the reward of increased fandom and viewership. The victims of global and domestic massacre are relieving the torture all over again, but they will remarkably recover in order to continue the fight for survival.

The media will do what it does best in these types of situations — and that usually involves a lengthy period of roasting before defaulting to the role of clogging our pores with smelly carcasses of fakeness — that will produce successors with blonde hair and the badge of feminism that inspires marches with Blue Lives as mascots-in-waiting.

Our president arrived just in time to lead the war against ourselves, and I’m scared to report — that he’s winning.

So are you.

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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