Dear Medium, We Need a Tag For The Missing Chibok Girls

As the second anniversary of the day the Nigerian schoolgirls were abducted from their dorm rooms by men in black fast approaches — I have been inclined to pen pieces highlighting the tragic event and its aftermath.

Yes, so far the numbers indicate that not very many of you are that invested in the subject — mainly because it’s no longer urgently viable.

Also, so much has transpired since then and its hard to remain emotionally loyal when the trends of the moment are tumultuously evolving.

Back in the spring of 2014, we couldn’t get enough of the girls. They were everywhere.

Social media tricked many of you into thinking that a hashtag was all it would take to recover the more than two hundred young souls that were uprooted and mercilessly decamped.

It was hard to resist the global outcry that eventually evolved into a weirdly staged production — starring anyone with a pulse and the hunger for attention.

Those needs have dissipated but the girls are still missing.

But, if there was once a time when their unfortunate plight was converted to a form of international currency — then surely we can reactivate the wiring connected to the cause.

Medium should have the decency and grace to produce a tag that writers can associate with pieces of work that are directly related to the missing girls.

It’s infuriating to pour your heart and soul into something that for reasons unknown — pulls up “Paris Attacks” instead of “Chibok Girls.”

By, the way Chibok Girls would be my top choice. “Missing Girls” is way too vague.

We could just allow the still active “Boko Haram” to continue to assume the responsibility of representation.

But that’s not what the Girls and their anguish-ridden parents deserve.

There should be a tag created and stored that remains effective without the threat of an expiration date.

If “Nigger” is a worthy option then surely “Chibok Girls” stands a chance of joining the esteemed collection Medium has curated.

Of course, a tag is just a tag until you really have something to say that comes from the heart.

And then when it’s time to optimize your thoughts by category — you realize your topic didn’t make the cut.

The Chibok girls were once popular enough to be considered global trendsetters.

Those days are long gone but the residue of the tragedy still lingers amongst the pile of negligence and human inconsistency.

If this is a platform that plays host to widening landscape of notable events and prolific happenings — then ongoing modifications should be in order.

Medium needs to add Chibok Girls to its library of mentionable tags because it’s the sensible thing to do.

And in retrospect — this act of recognition is more honorable and endearing than a branded hashtag that eventually fades into oblivion.

Tags at the very least require an invested prerequisite.

We have that covered — we just need the keys in the ignition.

Give us the keys. Please.

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