Where is the story?

Tell me a story,

Any story

Watch how it grows and then dispels lies with clicking tones

Share for sharers and croppers of loot

The dust swirls and sticks to the air like glue

Yet nobody falls ill to the porosity of man-made viruses

However, in the deeps of warfare, comes the signal of coups

The ditziness of sudden fame catapult subjects to infinity.

Click Click Click Click.

The worthiness of valuables assigns blue wands that swagger the frame.

Where is the price for injustice when the search for justice can be threads of pampered dictation,

Shift the tale of two cities and make the third the combination of the two that shan’t be divided

Populate with mighty adherence to style of characters that can be converted to comedic folly

Differ to the drips of lesser known scribes and counter or enhance presence with jumbled bins of collectibles

Assuage the fear of invisibility with invisible queries to real life notables and note why their stance demands the assault of mobbed unknowns.

Cancel Attack Worship Align.

Cancel the notion of fair game and seek the allocated wealth of nothingness amidst the meaningful piles of neglect,

Attack the messengers with parcels of truths that self-destruct into confetti of blinding evidence of what receivers have wrought with influential poison

Worship the worshippers of throne-bearers that carry the legacy of polished filth as the banner of deployed weaponry

Align with futuristic stems of awareness that brutalizes the station of laborious hunting that tells the story.

Any story.

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