Maybe the reason why Jennifer Lawrence isn’t able to validate her movie star status anymore is because of the changing climate. What was working back in the day with being force fed White actresses or actors based on their global viability is apparently getting old.

Audiences are no longer willing to shell out a shitload of money to watch an okay actress spew out a bad Russian accent in generic rubbish. Lawrence isn’t a bad actress — but she’s not amazing. She’s the type that needs great direction and an even greater script — to shine.

Also — based on the success of Black Panther — there’s an urgent need to invest in actors of color instead of relying on the standard default.

I think it’s fantastic that Jennifer Lawrence and others like her are having a harder time dominating the box office — especially when their projects suck. It’s time to stop overpaying over-indulged talents and steer that money to the ones who deserve their time to shine.

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