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Why Matthew Ajibade’s Killing Deserves Attention

He was mentally ill and died for it

He was actually Nigerian.

Even White Americans who are considered the elite race can’t compete.

But there was a catch.

They were wrong.

But he was human.

We all have bad days.

She called the police.

He died in that chair. Chained like the beast of burden.

If you need another reminder that men in uniform are legally clothed gangsters — watch this video.

They ended up killing him.

Neither does the Nigerian media.

None of the premium news stations or outlets in Nigeria were rattled enough to cover this heart-wrenching story.

It’s because he was crazy.

This, of course is very telling and excruciatingly sad.

It was his deficiency as a Nigerian.

Mental illness is real and it is rampant.

Life happens.


It’s too late for him.

We can start with this: #MatthewAjibade

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