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London Was Under Siege and a Black Man From New York Was Under Attack

These are both terrorists acts that need to be addressed accordingly

The headlines of the London attack outside of the Houses of Parliament were frantic and bloated with videos, first-person accounts, stormy images and the promise that tomorrow will always reap what our leaders sow in private.

It’s inhumane to admit that we’ve had so much practice when it comes to the Western world’s forced stance as the tremors of violence pulsate with a fury — and as such — we tend to reactivate the appropriate hashtags and then hours later capture other things that aren’t related to the damage from hours earlier.

#PrayForLondon is immediately the currency of faith and healing, but it must be said that if you’re not already chanting for the world-at-large — then maybe you don’t belong here.

What happened in London was awful. A mad man puncturing and mowing down the lives of the innocent right in front of an iconic beacon of law and order — and even though he was killed in action — the remnants of what transpired will be added to the quilt of mayhem that we now describe as normal.

Another terrorist attack was carried out in Manhattan, New York.

You may or may not have heard about it because it didn’t get much play. Imagine that! There were sporadic mentions on my timeline and I quickly bolted to Twitter Moments to see if they packaged the story for seamless review — and remarkably there was no mention of the White man who killed a Black man on the streets of Manhattan in cold blood.

Yeah! There was a terrorist attack in New York and I know when you hear that you automatically expect the suspect to be named: Abdul Ahmed — but this time he answers to the tune of James Harris Jackson.

Jackson, 28, is strictly the character Straight Outta American Psycho — that you sick fucks fantasize running into on a cold winter night — when the street light keeps you both stationary.

The New York Post propped up this bastard with the accompaniments that give White guys who kill — the benefit of being humanly insane for that moment when they give in to the irresistible nudge — to knife their privilege into the chest of a Black men who are merely trying to survive their fate.

Like, Patrick Bateman, Jackson is an American hothead who can’t stand the sight of pathetic people of color — scrounging around for evidence that they just might make it through the night into the day.

The Baltimore native travelled to New York for the sole purpose of eradicating Black men from the face of the earth in order to prevent them from staining the purity of White women.

On the night of his bloody conquest, The New York Post avidly described the murderer’s fashionable tendencies. He was the reincarnation of Christian Bale’s most haunting role to date.

He “was dressed in a chic dark-colored pea coat.”

He served time in the US Army, which will give President Trump the leverage to dismiss this atrocity as “just one of those things.”

The victim was a 66-year-old Black man — Timothy Caughman and according to the Post and most media outlets — he was a certified scavenger with a rap sheet.

You must recall the scene in American Psycho of the homeless Black man that Patrick Bateman randomly taunts and then eventually kills with the frustration of a privilege that demands a certain level of aggression in order to assuage the paranoia of White America.

Jackson willingly turned himself in like a true champ — and gave the police the blueprint of his horror show.

‘He picked New York because of the media and the need to make a statement.” “He penned a manifesto” that highlights his racists views in full — and the computer he used for his masterpiece is now in the hands of the authorities.”

He avoided striking an interracial couple and instead set his sights on Caughman, who “happened to be going though trash on the sidewalk.”

Happened to be going through trash seems to insinuate that this fellow was doing the wrong thing at the wrong time and therefore it was inevitable that a “well-dressed” White man from Maryland would end up punishing him for his social negligence.

Apparently, Jackson was so tormented after stepping outside his hotel in Times Square and unexpectedly blindsided by an interracial couple — that he had to demonstrate his frustrations.

It’s not enough that Donald Trump won the presidency on the promise of making America White Again — his followers who can’t wait any longer — are now taking matters into their own hands.

“I’m the man you’re looking for”, Jackson tells cops as he sleekly proceeds to tell them exactly why and how he needs to be remembered for his heroic efforts.

There are going to more American Psycho wannabies scrounging their way into forced notoriety.

And these White men or women will be described as decked out felons who chose the scum of the earth as their bait. These killings will not receive the attention of the media because Black people are basically in the same realm as rodents.

Scuttling all over the place in search of this and that until they are stumped away forever.

It is unfathomable that the coverage of a Black man being mutilated by a White man — was minimal at best. But, then we are aghast at the happenings across the pond — as if it transpired in our own backyard.

Don’t get me wrong — there is more than enough room and energy to accommodate multiple tragedies and we have no choice but to learn how to juggle — because present times require the skill.

However, we just can’t pretend that homegrown terrorism can only be regulated to extremists screaming “Allahu Akbar!” — before detonation. We can’t assume that White men knifing Black men is a random attack that can’t be dwelled on with candor. We can’t and shouldn’t humanize White men who kill by noting their fashion sense while devaluing the worth of their victims.

We have to take this shit seriously and stop Whitening the darkness of racial killings and kidnappings that currently plagues a country that doesn’t need an earthquake to rattle its core foundation.

Terrorism begins at home and as a person of color — I’m scared shitless.

I thought Patrick Bateman was cute in a fucked up sort of way, but that was before Christian Bale proved why he’s an ass and fiction mercilessly became a bloody reminder why real life will always be that buzzkill.

London Bridge is falling down and so is the spirit of the All-American sentiment that isn’t regulated to the aesthetic you gather when you imagine the definition.

God Bless The United States of Timothy Caughman.

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