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Logan Paul Isn’t Guilty of Gross Misconduct Because He’s a Bot

In the world of billion dollar views — there are no rules to be broken

I’m not sure how many of us had heard of vlogger and actor — Logan Paul before he became the latest casualty of his profession — but once he began trending — the reason for his increased presence was confusing to say the least.

Paul is a twenty-two year old guy who fits the aesthetic of the “all-American surfer dude” — complete with the dazzling smile and chiseled template. His conception was programmed for his entry into the realm of social media — that unbiasedly gives a shitload of power and might to anyone young enough to believe that such a responsibility can be seamlessly navigated — with zero consequences.

Kids under the age of four are capable of inconceivable things when it comes to taking command of various controls for the joy of watching beloved programs or playing games that test them beyond what adults can supply based on the modest means I was subjected to — back in the day.

It’s no surprise that Paul was able to parlay his early skills into a multi-million dollar venture that forced him to exit college in an effort to focus on his empire. His ambitious choice paid off and as of now — the solidified entrepreneur gets over 300 millions views on Facebook alone.

Those numbers are staggering — and so is the level of engagement that bequeathes young folks with the awesome authority that social media celebrities become accustomed to with a quickness they’re born to expertly inhabit. Along with the notoriety of being liked beyond belief — there’s the attention from movie stars that only adds to the validity of presence.

The world of billion dollar views has given us permission to expect just about anything.

We’ve been disciplined into the reality that nothing is off limits. I’ve scrolled past the most disturbing items that remarkably don’t set off triggers that embrace my humanness. The blood-splattered videos and images of Black men being shot to death in cold blood as they moan away their pain with dying breath escaping their lips — makes virtually no emotional impact on viewers.

The searingly vile photographs that war journalists upload — that display the jarringly graphic depiction of what innocent children have to contend with — based on their unfortunate geographical location is retweeted with ease — and no censorship. We just get the warning to proceed with caution as if that somehow minimizes the severity of the action we are about to initiate.

The tradition of clicks and likes seemed like a brilliant and revolutionary idea that was supposed to make life easier and progressive. For those of us who weathered the era when job notices were regulated to the back section of newspapers and editors waited for months to send rejection letter s— the gloriousness of social media was just what the doctor ordered.

But there’s no escaping the darkness that has swept over the landscape of usage — as the freedom of expression has expectedly turned us against ourselves. There’s a very good reason why shows like Black Mirror and others like it — resonate with infectious fury. The trappings of tools that can turn seasoned adults into raving teenagers with ravenous appetites that only increase the palette for narcissism was always the plan — whether we were in on it or not.

We have developed an immune system that caters to instances where ugly things can be prettied up with sensationalized banter or the decision by a young and misguided user who is merely performing the duties assigned to many in his station.

No matter the height of grossness — Logan Paul can’t be held accountable for his questionable actions because the world that has been created for us is automatically conditioned to weather storms — that arise from elements — gathering in response to proficient usage.

Posting the dead body of a man who hanged himself in an area known as “Suicide Forest” was naturally the only thing to do when someone of Paul’s infinite status stumbles upon such a unique scene in a foreign land.

Equipped with the mercilessness of youth and the desperation to feed his legion of fans accordingly — it’s amazing that those who’ve been critical of his controversial choice to share his discovery — can’t fathom how easy it would be to fall into the category of certifying just how robotic we’ve become.

This is definitely not an attempt to defend what Logan did, which was obviously fucked up beyond doubt. But we have to use his tactics as a reflection of how far we’ve come in an effort to admit how scared shitless we are about the future.

The end game reeks of an episode of Black Mirror that we all will be cast in — and the machines that did us wrong will capture every frame of the evolution of man to bot without missing a beat.

The deception of glossy screens that are formulated to make us look 75 percent better than we really do as well as the swell of numerical ecstasy that convinces us of our perfected prowess — wasn’t an accidental experiment that sucked us into the vortex of simulated disarray.

We were already in formation — and the residue involves the interaction of the dead and the living through the sphere of shares — that are supposed to fray our nerves — but instead remind us of the price we’ve paid to be fanatically social for the reward of being steel enough to take it.

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