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White woman in charge

Let’s Talk About Why White Women Never Get Brutalized For Cursing Out Police Officers

The angry White woman can thrive without issue

Let’s discuss how Black women who are brutalized by police officers almost always get blamed for their predicament. The videos clearly depict them being violently tossed about — and in some cases pummeled to the ground with enough force to knock them out — but that still isn’t horrifying enough for your palette.

Black woman under the charge of brutes

You’re only able to decipher how combative she is and even worse — how she deserves what she got because of her inability to respectfully follow instructions from the cop — who already assumed the position for her downfall.

Black women can’t be expressively upset when dealing with law enforcement because if we even dare to exercise our rights — we automatically initiate the target on our backs — which allows White men in uniform to drag our asses from cars — eateries or wherever the fuck they please — with the audacity of a supremacy that legalizes such abuse.

If Sandra Bland had been a White woman with soft features and light-brown hair — Officer Brian Encinia would’ve handled her with professional care by accommodating her rightfully infuriated temperament without laying a finger on her.

Black woman in danger

If Chikesia Clemons had been a twenty-something White girl — sporting the features that are typically romanticized — there’s absolutely no way in hell — that those White Saraland police officers would’ve even attempted to wipe the floor of that Waffle House with her body.

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Chikesia Clemons — another Black girl attacked

It’s beyond offensive and mind-boggling — that anyone with common sense and a beating heart — can observe the way in which Black women are routinely subjected to physical abuse at the hands of uniformed brutes with badges — and still assign blame to the victims — who are basically over-powered — outnumbered — and in most cases — unarmed.

Even Black men — who get 100% ride or die support from Black women — have a challenging time standing up for the ones who never drop the ball when it comes to demonstrating our unwavering allegiance — or publicly mourning another Black body that was worn out by the injustice of our existence.

Malcolm X uttered those words — and ever since he unleashed them — it stuck like dirt-piled glue that can’t be completely blotted out with gulps of water — no matter how hard or how long we try. I hate looking at it and when I say it out loud — the only feeling is the sense of validation and shame that erupts from the pain of those who’ve suffered before me — as I prepare myself for what could be the ultimate undoing.

I already know that my hatred for White police officers will cause me to comply under the expectation that “lines won’t be crossed”— because if shit hits the fan — there is a very good chance that I will be trending for the same reasons that ushered in the other hashtags — that are currently expanding despite the resistance of Black women — who will never stop fighting for the dignity our White counterparts automatically inspire.

White women can curse out police officers and parade their irate dispositions without enduring physical altercations of any sort.

They can also threaten and even hit strangers in parking lots or in the lobby of restaurants — and walk out with their head held high and the haughtiness of their misguided actions — safely intact.

White women are allowed to use their privilege whenever they’re called to order — just like the former Port Authority commissioner of New York and New Jersey — who was pulled over by two police officers — and literally lost her shit.

Caren Z. Turner — was lit!

The video shows a woman exploding with intensity as she curses and yells with venomous authority while the two cops patiently internalize her tantrums — without grabbing her or threatening to break any of her limbs.

Turner is a White lady who is used to giving orders — not taking them. She needs to vent about being nonsensically humiliated in front of her Ivy league- anointed daughter — and she does so by spewing out mouthful of insults with the intent of demeaning the men she views with the level of disdain that befits her elite status.

I imagine my mother with all her impressive attributes being pulled over for a traffic violation — and morphing into an angry White woman with f-bombs splattered all over her person.

She would probably not survive such an encounter — and if she does live to tell her tale of woe — her scars will remain raw with the constant reality of re-infection.

The angry White woman can thrive without issue even when they come dangerously close to the edge. They can be emotional wrecks without inciting the rabid appetite of cops who seem to only crave the texture of Black bodies — by any means necessary.

The video of the former Port Authority commissioner is difficult to watch because it showcases the startling imbalance in the methods exacted by law enforcement officers — who have a tendency to give White women the plush treatment — while reserving crime and punishment for their darker-skinned counterparts.

How long are we supposed to tolerate this level of abuse from the ones who swore to protect us from the very thing they’re exposing us to — with vile callousness?

When will Black women finally enjoy humane treatment from cops who would rather die — than participate in torture sessions that result in chaos and mayhem or even worse — death.

When will the Black woman stop being the most disrespected, un-protected and neglected person in America?


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