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As the Coronavirus continues to roar ahead, and the widespread venom of fake news aggressively corrupts the popular portals, specifically the rampantly infected Whatsapp, Americans are indulging in panic-driven shopping sprees, needless updates via posted videos about symptoms that haven’t been verified, and based on the recommendation of President Trump, extended prayer meetings.

The divisive angle on this is Trump’s willful neglect of a large proportion of citizens who either don’t believe in God or worship a higher power in ways that suit their preferences.

White evangelicals cursed us with their anointed “soldier for Christ,” who is anything but “christ-like.” And if we join their prayer sessions in an effort to boost unification, does that mean disavowing the sensibilities that alert us to why Donald Trump is an over-powered heathen, who only recognizes a God who blesses the supremacy of White power?

The right messaging for this modern era, would be to encourage Americans to find shelter under the umbrella of belief systems that are broad enough to encompass varied methods of symbolically arriving at the same destination.

But if we were to try our hand at begging our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the miraculous deliverance from the evils of deadly viruses that keep mutating for imminent expendability, perhaps we can include every threat out there.

Dear Lord, please correct the wicked mindset of our government and the engine of unsightly greed that operates to ensure that Wall Street CEOs like JPM’s Jamie Dimon, receive salary increases of $31.5 million as yearly income, while over-worked and underpaid Americans have to face the dire fate of being indefinitely sequestered in spaces they can barely afford, without pay.

Dear Lord, is it possible to fumigate the brain cells of racists white Americans, who would rather elect an incompetent, reckless white male who consistently poses a direct threat to our national security?

Dear Lord, can you remove the diseased disposition of Donald J. Trump and heal him out of his systemic destructiveness and in so doing, remove the veil of hate from his vision so that he can be the champion of equality in ways that serves as this nation’s unifier?

Sounds like a tall order!

The truth is that we need all hands on deck when it comes to the spiritual fiesta that can gather to minimize the anxiety in the polluted air.

For me, it’s the blended core values of Buddhism and remnants of Christianity that don’t include the human tendencies of bigotry and self-righteousness, that ultimately keeps me reasonably intact.

Trump’s call to prayer can be considered a purposed method of division that separates God’s chosen flock from the sinners who participate in questionable modes of worship that can’t be endorsed by the kingdom heaven.

For the living, the notion of death is a mystery that has been fantasized to relive the pressure of what will surely be our status — sooner rather than later.

Some believe that “judgment day” will swiftly save the “good” from the “bad” and hopefully loved ones will rise from deep slumber and reunite with their “good” relatives who waited long enough for that pleasure.

Others are convinced that reincarnation is the setting that permits the expression of life without end.

And there are theories about how death is the final act that won’t present another form of existence, despite the spirited energy within us that can’t possibly flame out when we take our final breath.

Regardless of religion or creed, when white evangelicals lead prayer meetings, we can’t expect the inclusion of populations that represent their daily ire.

Equality should also spread to all forms of praise and worship, without exempting those who prefer to dwell in the knowledge that we are all we have, minus the interference of supreme authority.

After all, the pandemic of our lifetime isn’t motivated by the different palettes of Christian versus Muslim when it comes to the susceptibility of the flesh.

And in honor of that fact, let us pray!

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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