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Lessons From Meghan and Harry

The Duchess has spoken!

So, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex dropped the big announcement, and it has nothing to do with a new baby on the way. It’s the reaffirmation of the royal couple’s commitment to preserving their sanity in the midst of Britain’s violently racist reception to their presence in a revered and all-White establishment.

Meghan and Harry returned from their splendid holiday in Canada with baby Archie, and sent off the statement via Instagram, that details their shocking decision to step away from royal duties.

They plan on splitting their time between the United Kingdom and North America with rumors already swirling that they will most likely settle in Canada where Meghan was living while filming American TV series Suits.

I’m betting on Los Angeles, where she grew up, and her mother still resides, since it would make sense to have that close proximity to the family member who has stayed loyal through the dark period of this royal mess.

The couple would like to focus on their drafted itineraries, which include the development of their charities and other projects that fit their shared objectives.

They intend to be financially independent, and that won’t make them any less wealthy than they currently are, but it will ensure more input in how they manage their household.

Of course there’s the obligatory assurance of maintaining relations with their estranged relatives.

This will be tricky, when you consider that the Queen and esteemed members of the House of Windsor are describing this new controversy as “complicated,” and are hoping that will it will be resolved in a timely fashion.

It’s hard to believe that the Queen was “blindsided” when we recall the interesting detail of the missing photo of Harry, Meghan and adorable Archie during her annual Christmas message. Older brother Prince William and wife Kate Middleton along with their cute kiddies definitely made the cut.

Here’s the thing, we can’t pretend to be confused about why the most harassed woman in all of Britain, and her equally frustrated husband, who suffered through the cruelty of the tabloid wars against his late mother, Princess Diana, would both opt to make a run for it.

In the summer of 2019, the Sussexes’ publicly declared that they were finally ready to take legal action against the notorious British tabloids.

The relentless rage of this brutish machine is fueled by the wrathful bitterness of racist White women editors and the pathetically scandalous Piers Morgan of the Daily Mail, who gets paid to stalk a member of the royal family, who is dark enough for the mistreatment.

As a Black woman who also dwells in a country that considers me expendable and “angry” enough to kill off without consequences, it’s been challenging witnessing the national terrorizing of Meghan Markle, by the White establishment, situated in a territory that excels in degrading the worth of Black and Brown populations.

The seedy offerings always seem to demonize the woman of color, who appeared out of nowhere, and seductively swept poor Harry off his feet for the purpose of infiltrating the most honorable institution in the history of the world.

It’s the longstanding tropes that aim to vilify the pursuits of Black women, who can’t ever be like Kate Middleton, the White angel who unapologetically made it her mission to win the coveted role of future Queen consort to the delight of White British women who saw their likeness epically win the crown.

How dare a biracial women with a less-than-holy past as a former actress and divorcee, secure the love and admiration of a real-life Prince, who could’ve chosen a fair maiden with solid roots that are both traceable and blue-blooded.

They thought Harry was going to choose a blushing young lass, who resembles his beloved mom, and totally forgot that he is actually more like Diana than they could ever imagine.

The big lessons from Meghan and Harry are simple and refreshing, and a great way to start off a brand new year and decade.

Walk away from toxicity before it eats you alive. It’s never okay to bravely weather abusive conditions, under any circumstances. Don’t surrender your overall wellness and survivability to the trappings of opulence and meaningless traditions. Life is way too short and wasted time won’t be reimbursed.

Expectedly, White Brits are up in arms about Meghan and Harry’s lifesaving measures, that will ultimately restore their original settings, and provide a streamlined existence, that’s conducive to what a growing family in the spotlight requires for functionality.

Comments from the “other side of the pond,” range from silly to downright foul, with some hilariously voicing their disapproval by asking for a refund for the royal wedding that we all watched with awe.

And as the Queen, Prince Charles, and Prince William stew in their “disappointment” over the exposed familial strife, that was essentially the worst kept secret, we have to wonder why there wasn’t a support system that vocalized “disappointment” over the offensive attacks levied on Meghan Markle.

Shit got bad enough to warrant a firm warning from Buckingham Palace, issued at influential editorial scammers, that won’t stop punishing the woman of color, who mercilessly killed the dream of White women all over London, who still won’t give up until Duchess Meghan is no more.

Thankfully both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are ready to put the bullshit behind them.

And based on their transparency about future plans, that were undoubtedly manifested by their combined love for baby Archie, it’s obvious that they’re not seeking permission to be working adults, dedicated activists and loving parents in an environment that’s flexible enough for those demands.

It just is what it is, and the ball is now in the Queen’s court.

And considering the weightiness of Prince Andrew’s unfortunate entanglement with convicted pedophile and sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, that was worsened by the disgraceful interview where he stoically lied about everything, it would be wise for the royal family to make nice with the two people they can’t afford to fuck with.

Meghan and Harry are on a mission that will drastically redirect them away from the cold castle of disorder, that was constructed way before the biracial actress from L.A., was granted admission with the promise of never-ending suffering and societal betrayal.

The British royal family was never the pristine culture that their legions of worshippers purport.

Wasn’t it King Henry VIII who blasphemously broke away from The Catholic Church and formed the Church of England in order to discard his wife for his mistress, who he ended up beheading?

The Black Duchess has spoken!

And we can’t wait to see what happens next. We will be taking notes, and Buckingham Palace better do the same with their fancy, monogrammed stationery.

Lessons, people! Lessons!

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