Kendrick! You don’t belong here

Kendrick Lamar is ‘Humble’ in His Quest for Realness, But Most of You Want Fake

So, stop telling us to be real

First off, forgive me for tirelessly referring to my gem of the moment. My well-mantled opus to boys like Tyrese Gibson, an entertainer who is revered for being Fast and Furious — to the point where he loses sight of just how appropriate it is to Ride or Die for the women he claims to respect but really can’t stand.

Here we are again, discussing the politics of Black woman and all the reasons why looking like us can stroke seasoned minds to boil the stew — that sends the aroma of our enriched features for hungry tastemakers.

Do we look enough to eat?

Well, there is so much to dissect and not nearly enough time to allow the morsels to digest into a cohesive meal. We have layers of simplicity that somehow end up complicated when society decides to decode what never needs that much energy.

It’s the hair isn’t? The skin hues that don’t fit perfectly into the sphere of Elizabeth Arden or any of the other global cosmetic empires that can’t quite fathom how anyone can survive a shade darker than Snow White.

Kendrick Lamar is dope. The Spiteful Chant will always awaken the bumps underneath my skin. He has a way with words and his delivery is soulfully stirring on purpose. It’s not an act and he unleashes the way I write.

We just don’t give a fuck. Take it or leave it.

I’m accommodating his latest rumble — Humble — with immense respect especially since it’s making the rounds.

This is happening because Lamar once again calls in the guard of decision-making when it comes to how REAL women are when they discard the tools that enable them to be camera-ready.

I will say this once and leave it alone. I can’t stand White women writing pieces that are ethnically inclined for a publication that should know better. Vogue Magazine likes to be trendy and WOKE — which is great — but lets face it — the editorial world still has miles to cover when it comes to employing seasoned writers of color in key roles.

So, if you are not going to bridge that gap for the sake of diversity — you might as well go out of your way to ensure that when it comes to culturally heavy subjects — you have the right minds pegging the beat.

Okay, so back to being Humble.

“I’m so fuckin’ sick and tired of the Photoshop.” “Show me somethin’ natural like ass with stretch marks.”

Oh Kendrick! I have stretch marks for days and even when I didn’t — there was no indication that my smooth oasis would garner me the date of my life.

Here’s the thing. If Black men in the industry feel a calling to help Black women feel comfortable with what they are and who we are — there is a very simple way to go about it.

Instead of slamming our beauty routines and condemning the choices we make with our asses, noses, tresses and boobies, you might want to erect music videos that depict how Black men actually prefer all the shit that you claim is a major turnoff.

Yes, I said it.

It’s interesting that Tyrese griped about how Black women are obsessed with rearranging their features and uprooting their hair for the sake of being attractive enough to compete for attention — and yet — it’s absolutely a fact that guys like Tyrese would never walk the red carpet with the likes of Estelle, Lupita Nyong’o, Cynthia Erivo, or any Black woman who doesn’t resemble his ex-wife or his new one.

Lamar is “sick and tired” of women filtering away their power in order to adequately cower to the weakness of motherfuckers who don’t give a fuck.

Well, Mr. Lamar, welcome to our world “G!”

Black women are sick and tired of listening to the shit that mocks how we present ourselves while White women are free to experiment and bloat up their assets in an effort to successfully attract the men that belong to us.

I’m an equal opportunity dater so don’t get it twist it — if Black men prefer to be seen with the women they believe validate their existence — then by all means go for it!

But don’t feel like doling out advice on how we can engage your attention is warranted or even appreciated because it’s actually not.

Why didn’t Kendrick Lamar conceive a different theme for his latest by building a set filled with caricatures of Kim Kardashian and her equally snatched sisters Khloe and Kylie, or even Iggy Azalea, and the rest of the pack that have profited greatly from their ability to be Black women painted White?

How revolutionary would it be to call out the obvious and give Black women a fucking break!

We do what we do for us and then we do what we do because it’s all so confusing. We want to be who we are and yet we look around and notice how being NATURAL and REAL doesn’t necessarily encourage the natural instincts of Black men who’ve made it.

I mean Kanye West married Kim Kardashian for Christ’s sake! Iggy Azalea dates ballers in and out of the court. Even entertainers from back in the day like Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte and James Earl Jones ended up marrying White women in the midst of a struggle that they fought tooth and nail to secure.

Black women don’t need grooming lessons from Black males who don’t practice what they preach and only enjoy lying in the bosoms of the women they supposedly honor — while toying with the emotional temperature of Black women.

We tragically represent everything they loathe about themselves.

Natural curls are awesome, but instead of twirling your lyrics to something that really isn’t all that significant — lets agree it’s time to leave our hair weaves to the experts and concentrate on humbling Black men to the tune of how they consistently let us down.

Over, and over, and over, and over again.

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