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The Devil in Blonde Hair.

Kellyanne Conway is The Perfect Mascot For The Poisonous Parade of White Feminism

Warning: This content contains offensive information. Lashings of apologies, all around!

“Kellyanne Conway Is a Star, Not your star, perhaps. But that’s the point”.

Yes, Ms. Olivia Nuzzi of New York Magazine — that is precisely the point.

In the age of Trump — a time that is cluttered with the vibes of White supremacy and the steady guidance of a leader — who is being led by those who hate an America populated with anything that doesn’t resemble Hitler’s mandate — it’s unimaginable that the reputable New York Magazine would bequeath it’s writer with the task of glorifying the advisor to a world renowned asshole.

But then again — maybe not.

When the Women’s March on Washington became the thing that all women had to readily embrace with fortitude and grace — I heartily declined the opportunity.

I documented my reason why and whether you care or not — I will gladly express the fact that the vividly heightened protests around the globe that featured a ton of White women from all scopes of life — persuasively illustrating their lust for the good life — left me quite unsettled.

It’s like this — you can’t expect me to join you in a public scolding when in private — you care not at all for the women of color who are currently being brutalized under the regime of Red, White and Blue.

White women love to dissect the highways of feminism and the results are entertaining enough but the heart of the matter remains intact. They don’t have to give two fucks about anything outside the realm of their reality. Their lives aren’t on the line, and their loved ones for the most part enjoy the same privilege.

Nymag writer — Olivia Nuzzi is a star!

She snagged the interview of her career but most importantly she remarkably managed to make Kellyanne Conway — the conniving top advisor to a wretchedly vile human — seem “perfect.”

Once the overly long piece that should have been packaged as a New York Times bestseller (anything goes these days) hit the social media timelines — all hell broke loose.

Nuzzi tried to recoup what she could from the tattered loins that were being ceremoniously soiled — with public displays of discontent.

Nice try! I couldn’t resist adding my rebuttal:

But as we know, it’s never enough to tweet and retweet when major shit hits the fan. There has to be a complied explanation as to why it is inherently dangerous to celebrate the charisma and infectious appeal of a woman who loves being White in the White House.

It begins with the realization that Conway has always been the mascot for White feminism.

White women pretend that they are appalled by her crouching stance on a couch that is situated in the Office of the President. They read my jarringly unforgiving pieces and leave me notes assuring me that they are not just White — they are also Woke.

White women stand up for justice only when those affected resemble their template and remain distantly quiet when Sandra Bland and Diamond Reynolds are attacked for being women with a voice and strength that they can’t come close to countering.

I thoroughly read the piece that Nuzzi curated about Conway.

It was sickeningly cute, and the perfectly damning evidence against White women and their ability to stay put when they’re in demand. And a demonstration of how they Get Out when the requirements are more than what they are willing to give.

Nuzzi got out.

Opportunity came knocking and she was willing to sell her worth by portraying Conway as the moving cubic prototype of your typical Upper East Side nightmare. She’s blonde and witty with the airs of someone who always knew she would end up living out the fantasy of being a righteous bitch — with the power she didn’t earn, but yielded through years of practice.

The media does a great job of dehumanizing the evil we click to — but there is also the temptation to feed us well-packaged bites from editors who order their reporters to dutifully Make America Great Again.

Nuzzi did an incredible job on behalf of White America and White Women who rely on those types to keep the divide between us wide and deep.

Nuzzi willingly highlighted Conway’s ability to con her way through TV interviews as she frustratingly spins and dissolves well-documented facts in a quest to protect the office of the president.

She also presented Conway as a magnificently flighty character from a Woody Allen movie — with a penchant to leave audiences disgusted with their secret longing for a woman who should be gutted for her madness — and yet we can’t help falling in love with her abhorrent appetite for stifling policies and blowing up anything that threatens the stance of White America.

At the end of Nuzzi’s nauseating piece — we read how the Wizard of Bullshit — Sean Spicer heroically re-invents another round of Conway on Crack — with a refurbished presentation of a microwave and the technique of surveillance, which Kellyanne proudly released with the grace of a jackal.

Nuzzi notes Spicer’s explanation: “it was made in jest” and then illustrates the “smirk across Conway’s face.”

How fitting that a White woman finds common ground with a racist and other racists. These admirers of Nuzzi’s latest gem were supposedly fighting against Trump’s America, but they have now been seduced by the White side of the force.

They are finally home.

This feast was a staged massacre with Invite Only stamped on the invitation.

I hope y’all had a grand time at our expense. We see you White people. We see you!

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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