#JusticeForKorrynGaines Has Been Illegally Thwarted By a Racist Judge

In the summer of 2016, a 23-year-old Black woman, Korryn Gaines, was holed up in her apartment, located in Randallstown, MD, as she bravely waited for the army of uniformed men outside her door, to burst into her apartment, armed with weaponry and the warrants for her arrest.

The bloody encounter didn’t end well.

In fact what transpired was the stuff that you see in movies, when the bad guys are finally forced to surrender the years of drug trafficking by going out in a blaze of glory, that usually involves gun play, ending in splattered body parts and soiled dollar bills.

Korryn Gaines wasn’t a gangster. She wasn’t a serial killer on the run. She wasn’t a drug leader. She wasn’t a bank robber. She wasn’t an escaped prisoner.

She was a Black woman living in a country that was rigged for her extinction — at whatever cost.

She was armed and fragile.

She was determined to protect her kids from imminent danger, and so she prepared for her death with the promise that she wouldn’t go down without a fight. She wasn’t going to cower to the gross negligence of Baltimore police officers, who thought it necessary and legal to terrorize her and her children over failure to settle the matter of a minor traffic violation.

Armed with the mobile phone that would document her fate, she waited for the SWAT team’s home invasion, and God only knows what her little boy was thinking as he gripped his mother’s arm, and followed her gaze to the door that eventually flew open to receive the stampede of chaos, that blasted a young Black mother to bits.

The little Black boy was wounded by the hail of bullets that were directed his way.

Imagine the absolute horror of a Black child watching his beloved mother being attacked by gun fire, that several men are pumping into her body, as punishment for not being privileged enough to commit atrocities without interference from the judicial system.

And her innocence only served as the deadly incentive for her badged detractors, who were committed to orchestrating her imminent downfall

Korryn Gaines was brutally killed in her own home because she was a Black woman with a history of traffic violations and mental illness.

She was a member of a community that suffocates under the currency of police brutality.

Her traffic violation had swiftly evolved into a criminal offense, and after spending days in “isolation,” she was released with a recklessly curated rap sheet, that was meant to curtail her ability to manage her affairs without the persistent harassment of law enforcement.

This is how the system works when it comes to the societal imprisonment of Black lives that don’t stand a chance in hell after spending even a second behind bars for low-level offenses.

When President Trump and his gang of Republicans expressed utter dismay over the violently invasive methods utilized by the FBI during the civilized raid of the fortress of career-criminal Roger Stone — the laughable inquiry was expectedly spearheaded by bubble-head Lindsay Graham — who had the audacity to question the bureau about the questionable “manner of arrest” that clearly followed the rules of conduct as it pertains to apprehending a seasoned thug.

But in America, wealthy White men who’ve been loyal henchmen to the nefarious “leader of the free world,” have the benefits of their station, and that usually secures the privilege to indulge freely in criminal activities without the consequences that they can easily bargain away.

A young Black woman, who is regulated to the scraps of a dysfunctional welfare system, and the debilitating burden of mothering while weathering the symptoms of mental disarray — that’s never addressed due to the lack of and access to resources — can’t successfully beat the system into submission in the same way Roger Stone can fund his release and initiate a GUTS FUND for his defense.

A young Black woman was ruthlessly hunted down by the law, and brutishly murdered by a gang of assholes with firearms, who didn’t have the decency to at least knock and ask for permission to enter; a luxury that was afforded a real-life criminal, who was lucky enough to be a White male with strong ties to White males in seats of power.

The illegal and murderous raid of Korryn Gaines, that took her life and seriously injured her child, was later challenged in a Baltimore County courtroom by her traumatized family members.

After the jury deliberated, a judgment was delivered on February 16 2018 — to the tune of $38 million — and the well-meaning promise by state officials to use the senseless death of Gaines as the gauge for future police encounters with citizens, and how those episodes should never end with the bullet-ridden body of a young mother and her wounded baby boy.

Council Chairman and Woodstock Democrat — Julian Jones:

Fast forward to exactly a year later, and justice for Korryn Gaines that was appropriately settled in court, has been rescinded by a racist White male — Judge Mickey Norman, who apparently used to be a cop.

This absolute bastard has decided to reduce the financial settlement awarded to the family of the murdered young Black woman to a zero amount.


Judge Norman believes that Corporal Royce Ruby, who fired the deadly shot that killed his close-range target and injured the kid on her lap — basically did what he had to do to protect himself from the serious threat of a young mother and her child.

“The evidence is clear.” “This Court has found that Corporal [Royce] Ruby is entitled to qualified immunity and therefore, his shooting of Gaines was not unlawful.”

What is “qualified immunity?”

“Qualified immunity is a doctrine maintaining that government officials on the job are protected from civil liability as long as they don’t violate a person’s constitutional rights.”

See how Whiteness works?

Despite the graphically vile details of the August 2016 standoff between a frightened young warrior and the army of fucks who were outfitted for her destruction, the bigoted judge is adamant that the horrific event was standard procedure.

According to Norman, the deadly assault that was levied on Gaines and her young son, wasn’t at all an extreme example of police abuse, that continues to permeate the Black community with countless bodies added to the piles of pending cases, that will never be awarded the justice that is deserved.

The murderous police officers were just fulfilling the job duty of cleaning the streets with the blood of Black lives that were systematically brutalized by soldiers of war.

The inconsolable relatives of Korryn Gaines are ready to extend that war by appealing the traitorous judgement of the White racist judge who has illegally thwarted #JusticeForKorrynGaines.

The lives of Korryn Gaines and her five-year-old son Kodi were violated beyond repair, by supposedly well-trained police officers, who had already planned on exiting the premises with dead bodies, even before arrival.

The law has been set up to diminish the value of Black lives, while coddling the criminal pursuits of White lives that dwell in the White House or lawfully flourish in massive fortresses — nestled in the burbs of an all-White Florida town.

We will not rest until #JusticeForKorrynGaines is fought and won because there’s no other alternative.

She wasn’t raising her gun to make her live-action debut as the poor man’s version of Lara Croft.

Korryn Gaines already knew she was dead even before the door was blasted open, and so she challenged her impending end by giving the armed team of cowards exactly what they needed to satisfy their quotas — but not without the fight of her life.

That’s how “angry Black women” die in America.


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