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Ivanka Trump Is Really Her Father’s Daughter In Tweets

America is presently embroiled in the shit show that most of us predicted, based on the glaring evidence supplied by the mad man in the House of Horrors, that has since been transformed into ground zero for COVID-19.

It wasn’t that long ago when Donald J. Trump rode down the escalator with Melania not far behind, to boisterously announce what Roger Stone and Steve Bannon successfully embedded into his pea-sized brain. The failed businessman, rolling in debt, was finally given permission to bulldoze his way into the highest office in the land.

Against all odds, and despite polluting the entire country with KKK-themed rallies, containing graphic language that offensively cursed out targeted groups that don’t fit the bigoted mindset of #MAGA, the New York-bred, real estate mogul and host of The Apprentice beat out Hillary Clinton with venomous thunder, that left the former First Lady and Secretary of State reeling for cover.

To say that Trump’s rogue presidency is the stuff of nightmares would be grossly understating the blinding ramifications of enduring the criminalized regime of a low-class mobster and global disrupter, who revels in the absolute power he weaponizes for his sick entertainment and gluttonous tendencies, as the supreme leader of the weakened and cowardly GOP.

The newly-minted Thug-in-Chief didn’t waste any time eradicating the roster of legislative achievements of the Obama years. He was committed to the mission statement of white evangelism in the form of persecuting Islam and its followers with the Muslim ban, while tightening restrictions to make it incredibly difficult for Black and Brown migrants from “shithole countries” to gain entry into the States, regardless of valid travel visas.

The migrant crisis at the U.S. border was indeed the infection that worsened with life-threatening potency from the Trump administration, with soldiers of death exacting crimes against humanity to prevent the “caravan” of troublemakers from destroying the purity of white America.

Hate crimes notably skyrocketed when the Racist-in-Chief took office and issued the mandate of empowerment to white supremacists with badges and guns to freely terrorize and mercilessly murder Black victims with the guarantee that as always, their actions will be deemed heroic by the woefully biased judicial system.

Then there’s the Liar-in-Chief’s favorite daughter, Ivanka, who along with her hubby, Jared, inexplicably scored top level, White House positions as “senior advisors” despite the security breach posed by unqualified candidates, with zero experience working in government, who will have unearned access to highly sensitive documents that affect national security.

Right after the nauseating inauguration where her father ungraciously introduced his particular brand of scumminess to a stunned world, the New York City socialite and seasoned entrepreneur breathily assured CBS staple Gayle King that her role as her father’s trusted advisor would be her vital contribution as the “voice of reason” when shit repeatedly hits the fan.

But Ivanka wasn’t fooling anyone with her practiced refinedness and misleadingly demurred disposition that was meant to convince viewers that this young woman didn’t possess any of the unsightly characteristics fueling the decision-making skills of her insolent father.

The goal of Ivanka Trump has consistently been dictated by the need to remain wholly cleansed from the debris emanating from the turbulence caused by the administration that she willfully enables, with nonchalance and tone-deafness during national emergencies — past and present.

When the migrant crisis was raging with the vengefulness that demonstrated why America’s dictatorship disqualified it from the revered reputation as the “world police,” Ivanka’s solid input was a random tweet expressing adoration for her youngest child. It was clear that Ivanka was aware of her white privilege, and wanted to blissfully celebrate what migrant mothers were being callously deprived of, without the intervention of their tormenter’s daughter.

How can we forget the bloody events of back-to-back mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, that once again spotlighted America’s unsolvable crisis of gun violence, and the domestic terrorism orchestrated by a radicalized white male, who internalized Trump’s relentless demonization of Mexicans and Brown migrants, and lethally took matters into his own hands.

Ivanka Trump unequivocally became her father’s fiercest defender against the avalanche of accusations that blamed his normalization of hateful rhetoric and the outright refusal to denounce white supremacy for the uptick in white terrorism.

The so-called senior advisor cunningly posted a series of inappropriate tweets about the gun violence that occurred in Chicago the same weekend as the shooting massacres in El Paso and Dayton, as a way to feign concern for Black Lives under siege, and more importantly to deflect from the dire consequences stemming from her father’s reign of terror.

More than a year later, and there’s no mistaking how much Donald Trump there is in the loving daughter, who weeks before election day, vigorously campaigned on behalf of the man that she never stopped worshipping, who gave her the power and might to take credit for initiatives that existed before her rebranding and to be unapologetically ambitious at the expense of human disposals.

It was recently reported that the stealthily prejudiced first daughter finally confessed her pro-life stance to a political news outlet citing the “profound effect” of parenthood as the catalyst for why she “opposes abortion rights.”

And now that the shamefully destructive administration headed by a future felon, who used the charitable foundation in his name to illegally mismanage funds, and dodged paying taxes for decades, is finally coming to a bitterly combative end, it seems like the opportune time for Ivanka Trump to quit the bad acting and come clean.

Donald Trump lost his reelection bid, thanks to the victory of his worthier and more dignified contenders, President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. But instead of a concession speech and the activation of a transfer of power, through the orderly transition between the outgoing and incoming administrations — the Trump Crime Family are resisting the inevitable.

Mind-numbing conspiracy theories aimed at defiling our democracy with the assistance of the real “enemy of the people” Fox News, and the disgraced president’s goonies, working overtime to clog the channels of truth with packaged garbage, while leaving America vulnerable to the whims of longstanding foes, is the incriminating playbook that will forever haunt Trump’s legacy.

So where the hell is Ivanka Trump hiding during this season of death from COVID-19 with more than 250,000 lives lost, due to the gross negligence of an egomaniacal brute who swore the deadly virus would merely disappear?

The Park Avenue Princess is following her father’s blueprint by speaking loudly via tweets that reveal the height of seasoned narcissism with attention called to her roster of achievements as the exiting White House official, who boldly elevates the tangible executions of visionaries, who left behind what she inherited and reworked as her brainchild.

Ivanka is righteously unbothered by the full-on attack by her unstable father on a wearied nation that has been devastatingly ravaged by a global pandemic, and is worse for wear in ways that can’t accommodate the hostage situation performed by a man-baby and pathetically sore loser.

Her latest tweet is an ode to the family’s “fun” weekend jaunt around DC, with a collage of images capturing masked (shocker) explorers making the most of the dwindling time they have left in the capital city that has been burning for four years.

The responses were understandably harsh and inconsiderate as users ran the gamut of warning the mother of three of possible jail time, after the damning NYT article exposing incriminating details implicating the Trump Crime Family’s fraudulent activities went viral, and shaming her utter lack of empathy and decorum.

Ivanka took the effort to make direct references to the embarrassing article of her discontent in tweets that blasted the treatment of being called out for her criminality as “harassment,” which is beyond ironic and utterly hypocritical, when you consider how her own father acts out the precise definition of that word with emphasis that threatens.

There has been speculation about what whether or not Ivanka and Jared can return to their plush existence as New York Society’s “It Couple” and the answer is a resounding “YES!”

It’s no secret that wealth, power and the currency of whiteness will aways keep the exclusive doors of privilege wide open, no matter the crime or scarred reputations that are never abominable enough to banish those who can shell out the hefty price for seamless re-assimilation.

But for now, we must take the time and energy to give the middle finger to Ivanka Trump for the co-conspiratorial role she aggressively played in fattening up her buffoonish father’s monstrosities, by adopting his undesirable traits to lay the foundation for her own political ambitions.

Like father, like daughter as they say — and in this case, even the tweets don’t lie!

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