It’s Time To Wise Up Because My Love For Writing Is Under Attack

Ezinne Ukoha


When I was first introduced to Medium, it was at a time in my life when I really needed an outlet to massage my skills as a writer. It was late summer of 2013; exactly a year ago today, and I was about to quit my corporate job when I was summoned by my managers and HR, who informed that I was being let go.

I already knew it was coming.

The job had evolved into a nightmare for reasons that weren’t regulated just to my inability to perform my duties. I had been warned by my predecessor that if I accepted the role, I would be walking into hostile territory, but my naivety served me wrong. I was convinced that I could overcome any obstacles in my way.

I was dead wrong.

But my bad fortunate turned out to be a blessing because I used my lack of employment as the perfect excuse to finally focus on my writing — full time.

As luck would have it a new friend introduced me to her friend, and she ended up playing a vital part in my development. She was managing a collection on a relatively new platform that was “invitation only,” and so she extended an invite — and just like that my life changed forever.

Five years later, I’m endearingly grateful to the friend who became a mentor and one of the most prolific editors of my career.

She singlehandedly re-shaped my messaging in ways that encouraged fearlessness and the audacity to be inspiringly transparent. I excitedly claimed the right to be selfishly persuasive in my delivery, and when moments came up when I wasn’t sure if I could “go there” — she challenged me to drop the flowery words and adopt a forthright approach.

Under her tutelage, and the insulation of a very different Medium that seemed to be curtailed to my mood swings, and thus provided the perfect playground for a writer like me — I was suddenly reveling in a free and safe space — that blessed me with the authority to express the kind of shit I would ordinarily never share in public.

But that was then, and this is now.

Now, I’m on my own, and Medium is no longer safe, and I’m in…