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It’s Time For The “Fast” Franchise To Accept Its Fate and Let Brian Die

Furiously (Spoiler Alert)

Ezinne Ukoha
7 min readJul 30, 2017


My relationship with The Fast franchise began back in 2001 when the first of many hit the big screen — and introduced us to a world of muscle cars and a gang of hotties that couldn’t get enough of the thrill that comes with the open road and the race to nowhere.

It’s that neverending destination that helped fuel the other movies that kept the franchise thriving despite the threat that it had possibly lost its compass for good with the ushering of the third installment — Tokyo Drift.

Vin Diesel who plays the iconic Dom Torreto — the enforcer and head of the family — was quite instrumental in reviving the glory of a somewhat sickly institution — that had the potential to surpass even the most ambitious expectations. Diesel drafted his vision for the upcoming films into an extended saga that could only be initiated if he was granted the responsibility and title of — producer.

Prolific director, Justin Lin — who had already been in the driver’s seat with Tokyo Drift seemed to have found his way back to the winning lane — as he helped propel the Fast films into a more dynamically-inclined aesthetic that only got more sophisticated and robustly entertaining with each entry.

There is no doubt that 2011’s Fast Five — set in the effervescent climate of Rio de Janeiro is by far the best of the lot. Aside from the complexly indulgent kick ass sequences that began with a train heist — and ended with our heroes (Dom and Brian) hauling a very large vault that had been ripped from a bank — through the streets of Rio while evading the cops on their trail — the fundamental reason for the success of the film was embedded in the code and loyalty of family.

Fast Five was really the ultimate reunion (sans Letty) and it felt so good to witness how well each of the members got along — without any hint of awkwardness. Their past associations had brought them together — and all they wanted to do was win — and win big!

The franchise became a global juggernaut after the fifth installment grazed the worldwide box office and proved beyond a doubt that there was still more than enough gas to energize the irresistible combo of an appealing…