It’s Not the Burkini — It’s The Power and Freedom of Unabashed Bigotry

There seems to be more than enough hatred to go round these days. We have evolved into cancerous cells of intolerance that are developing at a rapid rate. We no longer need any permission to designate anything or anyone that doesn’t fit into the narrow hallway of our expectations — as blatantly unworthy.

From Brexit to the cruel and venomous treatment of Muslims all over the globe — there is no shortage of evidence to prove that we are moving backwards and forgoing the forward trajectory that signals the joy of natural progression.

This week spilled over with jarring realization that being a woman with a mind of your own that dictates your statutes isn’t enough to protect you from the heightened display of attacks that don’t need filters to keep the embers of bigotry from maintaining its tragic momentum.

I have written about why #IStandWithLeslieJones and my reason above all is that as a Black woman — I can’t remain silent when one of my own happens to be fighting for her right to be respected as a human being and citizen of a country that consistently takes advantage of what her aesthetic represents.

Then you have the vengeful queries that are being levied on the price of wearing a burkini — which is a garment that would totally be on the list of must-haves for early fall — particularly if the Duchess of Cambridge casually frolicked on the beach donning a very colorful version.

But, alas — only women of faith who prefer to enjoy an oceanfront view without sacrificing the fundamentals of their beliefs have the audacity to initiate a fashion statement that has armed critics with the ammunition they need to target without mercy.

A woman sporting what can be described as a combination of a “bikini” and a “burka” was disgraced and harassed on a beach in the ever so welcoming enclave of the French Riviera. The horrific tragedy in Nice during Bastille Day is obviously hard to shake off. So, what better way to avenge the deaths of innocent French citizens — than to punish a representative of the threats that refuse to go away.

The official statement from Manuel Valls who is labeled as the “French socialist prime minister” — seemed to allude to the fact that the burkini is nothing like a bikini — which normal and sane women tend to rely on when they are in need of some fun in the sun.

Anything that doesn’t generously reveal the assets of a well-formed female is a notorious affliction on the eyes and space of beachgoers who need to feel safe amongst like-minded folk who understand the true meaning of “sun-bathing.”

Valls unapologetically described the burkini as “a symbol of the enslavement of women.”

This is quite an interesting assessment when you consider that slavery can only be applied to a circumstance whereby a person is held against their will and forced to perform duties that go against their natural tendencies.

The woman on the beach in her burkini was enjoying the elements with her family but their time was snipped away by the French authorities who arrived and demanded that that she rectify her apparent disruption to the legally clad group around her.

It wasn’t the nicely-constructed burkini that fucked up her day


Well, because she’s an idiot. Why the hell would you show up at a beach that breeds followers of the “secular” lifestyle — dressed up in a costume that is guaranteed to cost you more than you bargained for — and expect to assimilate into the waves and sand without the burning rays of bigots who hate your toxic confidence.

The answer lies in civil rights and liberty.

The French courts — the court that is deemed “the highest in the land” — decided that it is utterly ridiculous to threaten a woman wearing what appears to be her staple of choice — as if she is a criminal on the run — who just happened to resurface for the benefit of terrorizing anyone in her vicinity.

The ban against burkinis was suspended and here is why:

It “seriously, and clearly illegally, breached the fundamental freedoms to come and go, the freedom of beliefs and individual freedom.”

When the men in uniform approached the woman and surrounded her with all the energy of a SWAT team — ready to pounce and destroy in one fell swoop — boringly presented onlookers gave a round of applause in solidarity for the disgusting show that they were more than happen to champion.

We can’t resist watching the missiles striking the innocent lives that are caught in the crossfire of Allah and the lifestyle that doesn’t deviate from any other religion that requires devotion and discipline.

The haters are close-minded and assured of their superiority. They can’t fathom the broad landscapes of ideals that don’t resemble their template — but still hold validity amongst the throngs of suspects that all sound the same when questioned.

Militants who use Islam as their deuces whenever the bomb erupts and limps soar without wings have polluted the minds of ignorant bastards and now we are sunk.

But, are we?

No. Not really. We choose to hurl our disdain at what we don’t understand. We choose to believe that Muslims are misguided students of a practice that was created for the extinction of mankind. We are comfortable with anything that allows us to point at a burkini with laser rays — while we wait for cowards in uniform to arrive and remove the questionable obstruction.

After the eyesore is redirected — all you have is yourself to contend with and how do you celebrate your freedom to be privileged and prejudiced?

I don’t care — actually. Just know that your freedom comes at a price that might force you to pray to numerous gods for atonement.

I would start with Allahu Akbar. It sounds way more genuine.

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