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Its Been Over a Month Since I Left Facebook and Nobody Misses Me

The sting of being social on platforms that encourage the atmosphere of constantly proving your validity is that you forget how to decipher between what’s real or what’s fake.

I’ve always been quite good at gauging both. There are times when I falter but that’s proof that I’m only human.

We are all pretty much contained in our vacuum of hopes and dreams and everything in between.

No matter how expertly you share the woes of being a jet-setter due to your high-profile gig — it doesn’t change the fact that you still contend with the issues that are relatable to me.

The images that steadily reassured that life hadn’t let you down nearly as much as I was weathering — provided a view that I grew accustomed to until it was clear that your life didn’t need me in it.

And, sadly the same applied to me.

I decided to take a break from Facebook a little over a month ago. The week preceding my birthday. The goal was to avoid the generic greetings that only added to my growing frustration with a platform that has definitely destroyed more friendships than its created.

For reasons I don’t want to explore — I hit a snafu and ended up not deactivating my account.

The birthday greetings populated as usual — and just like every other year — it is the most attention I ever get.

I attempted again to temporarily shut down by page. This time I was successful in more ways than one.

Not only was I able to make my quiet exit but it also validated my non-existence.

We are programmed to believe that being socially active keeps us endearingly activated in the hearts and minds of friends.

My experience has proven that the “out of sight, out of mind” principle is truly the norm.

When you’re juggling hundreds maybe even thousands of options — it’s very possible that at some point — a few of them may slip through the cracks.

I’m one of those that did just that and so far not many of my friends have tried to find me.

They probably haven’t even noticed my absence and of course the notion of calling anyone these days just to say Hi — seems so 1999.

That was the year I had people that did call or returned my calls. That was the year — I understood who was in it for me or who wasn’t in it at all. That was the year — I understood how to relate to people without the threat of being rated and jaded.

That was when I had — friends.

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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