It is absolutely too easy to sit back and expect a race that once endured the unimaginable treatment of slavery at the hands of White masters to inherently match the progress of those that held them down long enough to do irrevocable damage.

But, again you are delivering exactly what White people need to hear in order to absolve them of guilt whenever they read about the 12-year-old boy that was shot in the gut for playing in the park with a toy gun — because they know their blond-haired son would not have suffered the same fate.

I will not allow my platform to be used for the sake of cuddling those who you feel need it desperately. I’m older and wiser and my interactions and keen interest in the subject of race coupled with a certain level of awareness — has thankfully exposed me to the realization that Black America built America and yet compared to their White counterparts — their real estate investments don’t reflect historical facts.

But, again, from where I’m sitting — you are good to go. So, we will agree to disagree.

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