What a day.

So, SNL member and movie star — Leslie Jones who currently stars in the recently released Ghostbusters — endured an onslaught of bullshit from racist White folks who can’t stand the fact that her ass was chosen as a supportive player in an iconic movie that wasn’t even that great to begin with .

She was mercilessly dragged in an attempt to tear her to bits by evoking exactly how revolting her physical presence made them feel.

Wow. These motherfuckers have feelings?

Here’s the thing. Weve been here before. Black women of power and brawn have traditionally been compared to apes, chimps and monkeys.

Check out the treatment our First Lady received. Or how the greatest athlete of all time — Serena Williams was greeted for all the trophies she garnered.

Black women have always been regulated to the category of sub-human because it’s just so damn easy to dismiss what we are by labeling us whatever is easiest to digest.

Jones got a potent dose of what her good fortune can produce.

Ghostbusters blazed the box office and her White co-star Melissa McCarthy got all the glory because she’s the superstar of the group.

Fair enough.

Why do White people feel the need to demean Black woman? How is it okay to rate our gorgeous dark skin with manipulative results that depict why White men look at me as if they can’t wait to internalize my cells.

These cells are golden.

Let’s be clear. White women may be the center of the universe — but Black women have the key to the galaxy and beyond.

It feels good to demolish us and I get it actually. Black men are absolutely no better.

They treat us like shit.

They marry white women in an effort to beef up their security. From Sidney Poitier to Russell Simmons to Quincy Jones — all these men who talk like they are about something — are about nothing at all.

For them, being black is great until a Black woman challenges their views and then all bets are off.

Athletes and rappers would much rather fuck a White woman with a black ass than a Black woman with all that and more.

It’s just the way it is.

And because of these trifling overpaid symbols — my girls have to contend with generic mayhem on a consistent basis.

I Stand With Leslie Jones.

Apes are great so if you want to compare her to one — go for it.

Who do I think is ugly?

Kylie Jenner’s inflated lips look horrendous. Igloo Australia (Google if you’re confused) is a damn mess. And all the other White women who mimic us and get celebrated for it are ugly as shit.

What’s beautiful?

Leslie Jones.

At the prime of her life — she has arrived and she’s ready to take over the globe which she did effortlessly.

Vogue Magazine and other fashion templates are too lazy and uninspired to devote a whole spread to her dopeness but then again — publications dedicated to Black women are also too busy chasing Meagan Good and Ciara.

We are losing at this game.

As long as Black people maintain this divisive momentum — we can’t complain every time we get screwed.

It’s time to dismantle the system and reclaim what is rightfully ours. It’s time for Black men to stop being pussies and stand up for their women. It’s time for Black women to stop being bitches and extend the glory to those of us who are deserving of cover shots and adulation.

For the rest — it’s time.

And, when the bigots run — we promise the net will be wide enough to catch ya!

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