If Islam Rejects The Wrath of ISIS and Boko Haram, Then, Why Can’t We?

I recently wrote a piece that outlines why I desperately wish people in the Western part of the world and beyond would stop viewing Islam as a religion that was instituted for chaos and mayhem.

This was prompted by the reactions to the tragic events in Paris and so many others like it that have transpired in the name of “Allah”.

But I was born a Christian. I didn’t ask to be one — just like most Muslims didn’t make the choice to practice Islam. Like me, they were born into it. It was their birthright.

Religion is a very layered and complicated disposition. None of us are safe from the tentacles of deceit that spring eternal when dark-minded individuals decide to transcribe their own brand of diligence that always deviates from the core mandate.

King Henry VIII created the Church of England because he needed to separate from the Catholic Church in order to marry Anne Boleyn. He was barred from getting a divorce from his current wife and so the only way to fulfill his desires was to form his very own Church.

They are bullheaded greedy fucks that are completely consumed with their delusions and they are able to sustain themselves through the tubes that feed them the right amount of power to keep them going.

Boko Haram has been terrorizing Nigeria — the country of my inheritance since 2009, but I am well aware that these gangsters are not the true representation of Islam. Just like ISIS.

Allah doesn’t justify His name being chanted while bullets are sprayed at a crowd of innocent young people at a concert.

Think about it. These terrorists cells that are set up to put the fear of Allah and God in us by orchestrating elaborate stunts can claim victory every time you condemn Muslims and relegate them to that same disgusting mantra.

We are allowing thugs to get away with murder. We are letting them celebrate their victory as they read about how the people who practice the same religion they supposedly are so dedicated to are being treated like refugees — like the scum of the earth.


It’s tragically working better than even they anticipated. The headlines prove that anyone who looks and sounds like they practice Islam is immediately deemed a threat and kicked off airplanes or denied basic human respect.

This behavior is intolerable. We can’t allow the actions of renegade extremists to dictate the way we treat fellow citizens who want the same the things you long for — to live in peace and prosperity.

Some of us are better at this exercise than others but the point is that we basically exist on blind faith. That is the one thing we all have in common.

Why can’t we extend that to the ones who need it the most?

A gang of violently assigned men and women armed with shitloads of weaponry are not Christians or Muslims. They are wayward bandits who have convinced themselves that they are a force to be reckoned with and so they carry out destructive tactics to prove it.

They hunt, intimidate and kill their prey and they use religion as their motive because it is easy and predictable not to mention divisive.

They do their due diligence and they are fully aware that Westerners are not equipped to mentally grasp that Islam is not a formidably vile institution. So they implement a plan that basically recruits your ignorance to their advantage.

Every time you ask for a Muslim to be removed from a plane because you are afraid he will kill all passengers onboard and every time you refuse to hire a Muslim because you fear that she may be working undercover for ISIS — you are helping extremists get even closer to their goal.

Stop helping them. I beseech you. Stop giving them the ammunition they need to continue poisoning the world. Stop helping them to curse a religion that was birthed from stoic regality.

Lets all band together to defeat the bastards who are consumed with hatred for themselves, for you and for me.

Lets give Allah and God the victory that is deserved.

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