International Women’s Day Means Supporting Them All

Let’s be clear. If you think Kim Kardashian West has been unfairly attacked for posting a nude selfie on a Monday morning — then you must be appalled at the treatment Zoe Saldana has received these past few days.

Kim was called out on Twitter by a few celebs who weren’t keen on waking up to the image of her without any clothes on.

A familiar sight of course, but quite jarring when you’re trying to start the first day of the week

Today of all days— Kim gets a pass for unapologetically emphasizing who she is and why she is relevant.

Fair enough. It’s her body and yes, she will always rely on its value as long as she remains frozen in time.

The women who are taking the time to defend her — explain that being a feminist means sticking up for each other and not allowing pettiness to overrule us.

Agreed. So, I hope the same women who think Kim should be free to use her naked body as currency will refrain from verbally assaulting a woman who is using her talent for the same purpose.

Zoe chose to play Nina Simone. And once the trailer for her film hit — social media became a bloodbath as many of you literally nailed her to the cross.

If you could burn her alive, I’m sure you would happily watch the ashes crackle in response to your misplaced hatred.

It was insane to watch women chide her for her appearance and systematically reduce her to the caricature you simulated with prejudice.

No matter how you feel about her choice to play such an iconic figure — it doesn’t warrant such a vile and potent approach.

It was sickening and sad. It was also not the way we as women should behave if we truly want to embrace the sanctity of unified sisterhood.

We can’t decide to support one of us in order to challenge how well we can produce a piece that will go viral because it’s convincingly refreshing.

If Kim can be hailed for consistently loving her body enough to expose it every chance she gets — then that works for me.

What doesn’t work is shaming a woman who did her job because she loves what she does and took the opportunity to express that.

We have to be fair. We have to be cautiously critical. We have to respect the words that we assign to each other in public.

I will work on this. Join me.

Let’s support them all.

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