I am a happily exhausted middle-aged wife and mother of two babies

My daughter looks nothing like me but she smiles every time she wets herself

My son sorta looks like me and he’s the sneaky rascal that keeps me in shape

As I chase him down to get the phone he stole from me

He is too handsome for my ass and he knows it

We met by chance


He loved my work on Medium and started wooing me on Twitter

I thought it was creepy until he reached out to me after I posted a creepier Tweet

It was fuck at first sight and love actually

I am a TV writer in the middle of developing my own show that won’t be remotely similar to what Shonda Rhimes doles out

I am a rebel

The script is great

I know it is and so does the production company that promises to back it to fruition

The character is a black woman

And she’s what you’ve never seen before

She’s human.

I am relaxing in the lounge chair he bought for me

On the deck overlooking the cliffs

I feel unworthy of this joy

The blue sky. The sun beaming down my newly swollen belly. The sound of the waves beating against the wind that perfectly scatters my long hair.

She’s crying

I stand up and peer into the living room

She wet herself again

In reality…

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