Breezy, easy, dancing on confetti hair falling into piles of glitter and spark,

colors in the sky unfold dazzling rhinestones shaped in the halo we touch with eyes,

spirits may have dreamt this, but we got this.

Skirting though lengths of stolen moments, running hands to find unfamiliar places,

we don’t have all the time in the world, yet it’s enough.

Glistening skin without sun, clouds with majestic beddings, and towering waterfalls of heart beats,

euphoric streams of emotions when silence binds noises around us into tunes of melodic trance,

futuristic pangs of yearning make currents of magnitude rise in defense for what can’t be stopped.

The end is the beginning as souls intertwine with etched memories of what happened and why it will be eternally professed.

Scars from energetic makings of love overflowed is the healing matter that holes refute.

Images that grow cold in depths of sandy worms are rescued to life when we touch

in love

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