I’m With Her, Samaria Rice

I’ve made my choice. It wasn’t a difficult one. In fact it was right in front of my very eyes. All along.

I saw the beautiful boy who would’ve been a teenager by now — join the ranks of Black males — killed in the act of living in America.

Tamir Rice was twelve but looked twenty-two — based on the description by a White police officer who blindly shot the youngster in the stomach for playing in the park with a toy gun.

Samaria Rice is the bereaved mother of the boy who didn’t make it home the day he encountered the White man who would change their lives forever.

Rice is a fighter, but not the vengeful kind.

It’s a deep quest for justice that was born the day her son first breathed air into his lungs. It’s the longing to disregard the messages of hate and ignorance while utilizing those resources as a tool for change that may never come.

#BlackLivesMatter #BlueLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter

We are engaged in a fiesta of knives that have been sharpened for the task of cutting the deepest.

Tamir Rice was hurt in the gut. It wasn’t a knife. It was a gun. The bad man punished him for being Black. There is no absolute way to recover from that.

A simplistic summary of a complicated affair between Blacks and the officers that are groomed for their destruction.

So many destroyed — and they continue to live without breathing. They refuse to rest until their beloveds are brought back to life.

Samaria Rice did not attend Hillary Clinton’s political extravaganza. She couldn’t pretend to support a candidate who isn’t interested in highlighting the policies that will rid our nation of street thugs with badges.

President Obama isn’t giving her any indication that he plans to leave office with a conscience — based on his impeccable track record of minimizing the careless deaths of Black people at the hands of law enforcement.

She is standing alone

She is stoically strong — with a defiant list of expectations that have to be met. She will do this with or without you. She welcomes the support but ultimately — the challenges are beyond human endurance.

It will take more than any of us can give — to bring justice to the countless souls that are struggling for space in the hearts of the callous bigots that ordain our systemized hell.

Samaria Rice is the choice I’ve made when it comes to who will lead the change that may never come.

And when it applies to making Black America Great Again…


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