I’m Not Voting Because the Presidential Candidates Don’t Care About People of Color

I’ve been down in the dumps lately. Nothing seems to be going my way and I suspect that the electoral climate is absolutely not helping. It is astounding to recognize what we’ve become and how cavalier we are about the fact that we have entertained the damaging antics of an outright racist and sexist brute — who is proud of who he is and what he represents.

It’s bad enough being bombarded with the garbage but it’s even worse when you are a part of the cycle responsible for dumping all that trash with editorial precision. For the past month — I have been tasked with reluctantly scheduling tweets, updating multiple platforms and aggregating the kind of stuff that quite frankly appalls me beyond words, which considering my high threshold for shit — is saying a lot.

Getting older doesn’t mean not giving a crap about stuff anymore. It’s actually the opposite — which is both annoying and reassuring at the same time.

Another young woman of color was murdered by the police, in her home and in front of her young kids. Her name was Renee Davis and she was 23. She was also five months pregnant and reportedly struggled with depression. As someone who grapples with this ailment off and on, I was particularly drawn to this story. She apparently reached out to a friend during a desperate episode, and at that point the police were assigned to her home.

What transpired next is confusing which is no surprise because most of these tragic instances are almost always mired in weird inconsistencies.

This young mother was of Native American heritage but aside from that, she was supposedly positioned with a handgun when the two officers that were dispatched to save her — entered the house.

Naturally, both officers fired their guns and killed her. Her two toddlers were in the house but their exact location at the time of the shooting hasn’t been divulged.

The officers who killed her are on paid vacation and I am currently being paid to figure out how many different ways I can produce headlines detailing Donald Trump’s sexual history so y’all will eat up more of what you’ve already choked on.

Here’s the thing, I am done with this conversation and I am so done with the elections, and all the tried and true think pieces that gush about how we can’t have the monster in The White House because Snow White is so much better.

I’ve seen enough and heard more than my share to conclude that I have no interest in voting this time around.

It’s not because I’m awesomely stubborn or seeking attention or even trying to institute some kind of a “rebel yell” on behalf of the legions of citizens who feel exactly the way I do.

It’s because I am a woman of color, who finally gets it.

From Sandra Bland to Renee Davis, there is no shortage of evidence that proves how devalued we are and how fucked up the system is — without fail. Neither Trump nor Hillary give a rats ass about the lives that are lost every day due to inexplicable circumstances that are mandated by law enforcement.

The media only latches on to stories of violence involving people of color — if social media lights up and the editors are certain that coverage is worth the time and effort. We only pay attention after we examine the number of reteets and reposts and decide that perhaps, it isn’t such a bad idea exercising our rights through a few extra clicks and troll engagements.

I’m not voting because nothing is ever going to change for the community that has suffered beyond belief and continues to hamper along with no true reveal of the end. Why should we accept the better deal if it’s not necessarily going to ever be better? Why should I be shamed for my noble decision to stay true to my disposition by bowing out of a process that makes me an American and yet — there is every indication that I could suffer a fate that is clearly Un-American based on my ethnicity?

I don’t despise America. I hate what it has become — and it goes beyond the fact that people of color continue to suffer from systematic negligence — it’s more to do with the general seediness attached to our overall makeup — that has infected the way we view ourselves and the elements at play.

I’m not voting this election because I secretly want Donald Trump to finish what he started and become the next President of the United States. He’s more than earned that honor and we deserve it because we made it so damn easy.

The African-Americans and The Latinos will always dwell in the bubble of separation that won’t burst unless a leader comes along with the initiative and passion to diligently conceptualize how on earth we got here and draft the blueprint of how we can get out — without the coaxing of civil rights leaders or the staged concerts that aim to woo an otherwise numb and privileged politician.

The Hunger Games have begun and I’m starving but I won’t eat the shit until the menu switches to something I can digest with pride and honesty.

Until that happens, I will not vote. Ever.

In the meantime — I will add #ReneeDavis to the list that won’t stop piling up.

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