I’m actually feeling energized and hopeful. This period has been intense and it has forced me to clean house mentally. I am quitting my god-awful job and my future is uncertain.

Just like the future of America and the world hangs in the balance. In order to reclaim your grip— you have to regroup, refocus and realign your goals.

My personal quest will drift into my national folder. I want to voluntarily and actively pursue the things that will bring stabilization and a sense of pride to those who deserve it.

I would like to not aggregate stories about celebrities— but rather blog about the efforts that others are making to restore humanity to its rightful place.

I am not defeated or terrorized by the present climate. That’s giving another human being too much power. I am also not downplaying the consequences of what we are about to embark on.

I always expected that Donald Trump had an excellent chance of winning — so my mourning period began a long time ago. That’s why I’m in better shape than most.

I believe that his win was warranted. We needed this wakeup call for those of us that were sleeping.

Now, it’s time to wake up. And stay wide awake.

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