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#IfSlaveryWasAChoice Is A Troublesome Trend

Here’s why

Listen — I’m a fan of Kanye and I always will be. I know that’s not the safest comment to make in these trying times — but I can’t give up who I am. I was never built for the rowdiness of the media or social media — and as much I love the way my writing career has been revitalized— there’s no hiding the fact that there are loop holes to be found in the terms of engagement.

#IfSlaveryWasAChoice is trending because Kanye said some pretty bold stuff about slavery that has riled up a lot of people and made a hero out of Van Lathan — who is now the Black guy from TMZ who summed up everything we’ve all wanted to say — except he was lucky enough to do it in an epic way.

Of course since the hashtag is still actively hot — there are many who are working overtime at their non-paying jobs to quickly and effectively generate the greatest memes of all time — as well as the wittiest tweets ever to be conceived.

And then you have the thinkers who don’t think any of this shit is funny — and so — they expend time and energy to tell you exactly why — through the elaborately strewn threads — that contain pertinent information about the logistics of slavery — that Kanye clearly has no knowledge of and will most likely never read.

Others rush into essay mode and carefully execute thought-provoking pieces that are passionately delivered with all the statistics and historical ammunition — required for a home run.

Here’s the thing — it’s a bit unsettling watching the reaction to something that was unleashed with the goal of disorganizing minds and ceremoniously setting off a national controversy — that illustrates how a powerful mind can detonate with willful authority.

Watching the White anchors of a CNN morning show — grapple with the news item of Kanye’s infamous blunder was a bit painful — especially when Van Lathan’s rebuttal was introduced with such intensity — as if what he said was really that profound. Don’t get me wrong — he sounded eloquent — but he didn’t introduce a new angle to this maddening conversation.

And the Black experts that were brought on to carefully explain the fundamentals of slavery — and how one of the most revered artists alive is trying to fuck up centuries of pain and strife in one fell swoop was even more jarring — as I pondered how they were able to remain so stoic under the pressure of a trending hashtag that needs to be slated for a sudden and ghastly demise.

I guess my point is that Kanye doesn’t need a lesson in what our ancestors endured during what was definitely a period of extreme cruelty. He is well aware of what he’s initiated — and although I could be so wrong about this — I’m convinced that being mid-way through his life — and trying to reconcile what that means with the help of the very people he’s scorned — is holding him hostage.

There’s also the death of his beloved mother — which I’m not qualified to assess since I haven’t suffered that loss — but I can only imagine the grief that never vacates your soul and how that plays out over time — if you’re not getting the healing you deserve.

Then we have Kris Jenner — the mother-in-law with the stone cold heart — made of iced diamonds. Kanye is not in good hands when it comes to the family that stole him from himself — and while the benefits may appear to be worth the sacrifice— if you dig below the surface — it becomes clear that every move he makes is a performance — featuring all the elements that are meant to drive critics crazy.

Is it really worth investing all that effort into shaming him over his sold out concert that showcases an unappetizing tracklist?

Yes — when hashtags are trending it’s hard to ignore the urge to hop on the merry-go-round — as gamers battle it out for the crown — sporting a sheen that loses it’s sparkle once Moments are updated.

But before that happens — it’s overwhelmingly exhausting and somewhat fascinating to witness the rumble of contenders — who start to lose their senses and almost become the worst versions of themselves once they join the mob to “cancel” out those scheduled for extinction.

The offensiveness of Kanye West has ultimately given us something to do.

Some of us are holding back by rejecting the temptation to splatter timelines with our witty interpretation of events because as much as we would love to volunteer our time for the sake of a potential discovery — we can’t manifest the motivation to unequivocally prove our astute awareness as Black people — who know how to convince naysayers about the ugliness of the transatlantic slave trade.

A ton of us are committed to fighting back with the hopes that it will move the ignorant into a different space — especially the Trumpsters that Kanye is gathering with the power he wields. They are listening to his every word and the only way to defeat the virus is to disinfect it with the truth.

And then we have the bots who don’t even know what they’re doing or why — they just have to be involved in ways that enhance their presence — and if that means making a mockery of what has already been beaten to death and resurrected — then so be it.

The point is that it’s troublesome watching the landscape experience a movement that starts off well — and then plummets with such rapidity — that can only bring on dizziness and confusion.

In the midst of the welcomed chaos is the possibility that maybe what was said needed to be vocalized to figure out how many of us relish the opportunity to explore uncomfortable territory — versus the rest of the population that prefer a noisy background — because it hampers the process of individuality — which can threaten the stability of followers and reputations.

I’m not afraid to say that I do like to analyze before judgment and Kanye allows me that privilege. It doesn’t mean I agree with his reasoning — it’s just the admission that I actually thought about it — and came up with shit that both shocked and matured my disposition.

That’s not a trend — it’s a lifestyle.

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