White men can’t dance.

If You Don’t Recite The Lord’s Prayer, You Are Fucked in Trump’s America

Quotes from President Trump’s Joint Address to Congress

“Restore integrity and rule of law at our border.”

This means that America is being tainted by the animals that threaten its existence and in order to stay pure and untainted — there has to be a barrier to protect the pure and untainted.

“Drugs poisoning our youth.”

This means that young White people are being misled by young people who are not White, but evil, so there has to be an effort to protect and halt this epidemic so that only non-White youths with drug habits end up dead or in prison.

“Drain the swamp of government corruption.”

This means that the President of the United States doesn’t comprehend who he is or how he got here and the people around him are determined to keep it that way.

“My job is not to represent the world, my job is to represent the Unites States of America.”

This means that Donald Trump is finally comfortable with the idea of revealing his status. He is not for immigrants, people of color or anyone that can’t recite The Lord’s prayer on command.

He is strictly for White America and they love him for it.

So many standing ovations, hand shakes, smiles, and recognized glances for the man who can’t govern to save his life — but when action, lights and cameras guide the way — he manages to rise to the occasion.

Trump vividly described a plan that excluded anyone who isn’t born with the features that automatically regulate success — whether you ask for it or not.

He mentions the dedication of law enforcement and he highlights the men and women in uniform who sacrificed their lives for this country.

What about the immigrants and people of color who died in this country while living as dutiful citizens?

Abner Louima who survived having a plunger up his ass as White cops jacked off from the pleasure of a Negro in heat.

Amadou Diallo who was shot over 40 times by White cops who thought he was a suspect and decided to question him after he was incapacitated.

Tamir Rice. A 12-year-old boy who was killed while playing in a park with a toy gun?

He wasn’t an immigrant but he might as well have been. Citizenship didn’t save his life nor did it dissuade the White cop that killed him from firing away.

Trump talks about this great nation and how the Americans need to be prioritized.

Yet, when Black History Month arrived — he purposely waited until the last minute to pay homage. He shies away from anything that involves people that don’t represent his portrait of a unified country.

If you aren’t a Christian with morals — then you are basically assed out. You have no place here and you will be deported, harassed or killed.

That’s basically the message he rendered as the standing ovations almost threatened him off script.

Truth be told, his speech wasn’t a complete disaster.

The highlight was the admission from the president’s lips that he doesn’t intend to position America as the world’s police. This is remarkably assuaging because it would be absolutely tragic if the opposite were true.

Nobody considers this country the compass for what is right and just. Anymore. And the fact that Trump publicly admits that fact — is music to my ears.

This is a shit show and the scary performances don’t inspire anything but the hope that once it’s all over — we will move on to the reality that matches a decent and hopeful disposition.

In the meantime for those of you who need a copy of The Lord’s Prayer — I can make that happen — but something tells me that by the time you master it — you won’t need it anymore.

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