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If Trump Didn’t Exist, Do You Think We Would Be Journalistically Inclined to Discuss Guns and Domestic Terrorism in America?

Media giants like CNN who are so proud of their longstanding tradition of “keeping it real” have proven in the last year that even they can’t overcome the symptoms of a virus called — Donald Trump.

The New York City business man who starred in his own TV show and then decided to run for president after he was woefully roasted while attending the White House Correspondents Dinner back in 2011 — has single-handedly turned the lost art of gathering news in a cohesive and coherent way — into a recycling dustbin of daily mayhem.

Trump is everywhere. He is the media. And the media is Trump.

It’s as if we are living in a bubble of Trump wars that has both sides slinging so much shit that the pile has finally risen high enough to suffocate anything else that is just as newsworthy.

It’s interesting that as much as media outlets that are relentlessly emphatic about their mission to take down the man they claim to abhor — continue to obsess over his every move — the president has remained consistently true to his shady character.

Trump hasn’t changed one bit. The media on the other hand has become frighteningly unrecognizable in their valiant quest to produce “breaking news” — when it breaks — which is almost never when you consider how many times they plaster those words on the screen with updates about the women who fucked their way to notoriety.

There’s no downplaying the responsibilities that come with having a White supremacist as president — who is shameless with his biases and reckless mannerisms to the point of evoking the likelihood of clear and present danger. But that’s exactly why outlets like CNN can’t afford to be sickly in their reportage by dedicating all hours of the day and night assassinating the character of a spoilt toddler — trapped in a grown man’s body.

Whatever happened to paying attention to all the crazy shit that’s happening around us with equal measure?

Instead of this shit:

Of course it’s much easier to dedicate segments of shows to “all things Trump” — after all he certainly provides a full itinerary that never mellows down — but the troubling thing that I’ve noticed — particularly with CNN is how the reporting seems like a bulldozer that just keeps going in a straight line — without tending to the surrounding rubble that is also in desperate need of attention.

The journalistic integrity of seasoned reporters has taken an unfortunate turn to the dark side at the expense of emergency issues that haven’t been adequately dealt with and this absolutely gives our Commander-in-Chief a lot to be happy about.

What about the shooting at the Parkland high school — and how CNN was front and center with survivors of the horrific massacre as well as parents of the students who didn’t survive. The reporting was intense enough to match those critical moments when the nation was once again thrown into a crisis that spotlighted the furious debate of gun control.

Town halls were initiated — as arguments from both sides were spearheaded by the brave high school students who were adamant about making sure that their horror show would be the catalyst for much-needed change or at least a major shift in the right direction. Even President Trump was moved enough to host discussions and round tables at The White House — in an effort to play the part that he was absolutely not born to inhabit.

But — once the cries simmered down and the dust settles — the ball is dropped by the very people who pledged allegiance to the duty of executing their jobs to the betterment of the general public. It’s as if the mass shooting never happened — and even worse you would never know that there have been more of such incidents and each of them are sore reminders of how wrapped up we are in a privileged tyrant who is more than happy to be center stage at the expense of dying Americans.

Speaking of Americans who are dying — why are the tragic bombings in Austin, Texas — which recently ended with the suicide of a twenty-three-year-old terrorist who is described as a “baby faced” “nerd” from a “normal Christian family” — downplayed and regulated to minute bites — as if the notion that the victims were specifically targeted based on their race doesn’t warrant a full examination.

Trump’s presidency has inspired legions of young White men who have nothing to be pissed about and so they give themselves the incentive with the blessing of the man who endorses their rhetoric — by proceeding to plot their nefarious activities.

The outcome almost always ends in an uncannily calm arrest or in this case of the White male terrorist — the willingness to go out in a blaze of glory. And then the aftermath unfolds the way it always does — as those who knew the terrorist testify to their disbelief that someones so “peaceful” and quiet” could be capable of something so unfathomable.

Why aren’t outlets like CNN committed enough to devote a shitload of time to unraveling the truth of how people of color are on high alert due to the increase in racially motivated crimes that stem from having a White supremacist as president — especially when he chooses to ignore the reality of his bloody hands each time someone is killed on his watch.

Instead — the days and nights are filled with interviews with women who slept with a wealthy New York business man who is now the most powerful man in the world — and so that translates to endless possibilities that must be explored at all costs.

Guns and Domestic Terrorism in America can’t compete with Trump’s antics and it’s disheartening to watch what was once a gallant profession — reduced to the very thing that was supposed to be the worst case scenario.

It’s not difficult to notice that what is happening isn’t transpiring by accident.

CNN’s non-stop coverage of Trump began the moment he announced his candidacy. And that momentum was heralded with the hours of film dedicated to his jumbo plane on the tarmac — and it has persisted with steadfast fervor.

And the wasteland of worthy news items that are supposed to also defeat the sonofabitch in The White House are drying out under the danger of the wind — causing a blaze that will once and for all burn down the templates of honorable journalism.

If I had a million dollars I would establish a portal that would take us to task for being able to tolerate a future that is filled with guns and dead Black bodies that don’t get the same coverage that dead dogs and rhinos are able to amass.

In the meantime we are hungover from the drunken inferno of Trump’s misshapen figure — plastered on the screen like an alien that was birthed for the sake of our imminent demise.

And somewhere out there Putin is hysterically laughing — and nobody is watching.

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