She did her part, but…

If I Were a Girl With All The Money to Spare…

I would demolish the bullshit that celebs erect as if they care. I would prove that being human surpasses anything we dare.

I would take the children of the fallen and challenge them to match my love. The wealth at my disposal will be the active shield against the world that destroyed their world and everyone in it.

Pictures of teens with conceived hashtags and the theme music that is supposed to holler the call of action will be my inaction.


It is planted as the seed of defiance against the status quo but instead it allows that seed to grow into the tree of death.

We assure ourselves that sharing and re-sharing will somehow filter into the consciousness of feeble minded folk with too much fame and not enough attention to work it like the pros they are when Mr. Chow announces yet another dinner platter in their honor.

It’s sickening.

How do you survive on the dollar bill alone?

We celebrate the ones that dare to raise their voices in a minimally astute manner as they grace the stage that heralds their slotted episode of recognition. They dared to dress to the nines and show up with scripted accolades and yet the victims of our time have the spotlight for as long as we can keep our eyes open without blinking.

Oh what a false God!

He gave so much to so many and they are lost for words and action. To actualize the beauty of love for mankind without rolling cameras and an adorned skateboard is hard to pledge — because the times call for minimal participation.

You are a hero for just showing up in decked out garments that do all the talking as you listen.

If I were a girl with all the money to spare — the children of the children that were fostered before the color of the skin of the ones who hungered for their lives — perished for the sin of blackness before their very eyes — would be under my care and contentment.

The bridge between them and the colorless enemy would be demolished with no casualties. I would pimp my pride with gold-minted cents — and ride into the survival and protection of the teens that are now back home after the L.A. excursion with more questions and no answers.

Nothing would be degraded on my watch if I were a girl with all the money to spare…

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