If I Had a Million Dollars…

I would build a creative cocoon for women of color that are all about it.

I would invite the children of the victims of police brutality and mandate their future into the American Dream that killed their primary caregiver.

I would help establish the initiative that is aimed at helping to re-establish a new order for law enforcement. Thugs and bigots will have a harder time applying for the right to garner a badge.

I would invest in the educational dots of my community by making the connection from infancy to adulthood. The future will be brighter and that light will never dim.

I would enhance the goals and aspirations of the movement to the best of my ability. I will sponsor outlets that demonstrate the skills of enlightenment — set to artistic interpretations that ultimately enhance the message of peace and love — in all its glory.

I would become a well-rehearsed auteur — who follows the rhythm of the times without faltering on the mission — that needs gold-plated wings to reach the altitude of recognition and steadfast endurance.

My millions will save us. So many have tried but failed. I will be the exception. I will be a whore for justice and the release from evil and White power.

I just need a million fucking dollars.

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