I won’t vote for Hillary because she’s not Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a pompous ass. What is appealing about this? The fact that he is comfortably aware of how his divisive quibble is working like a charm.

From the boardroom of Celebrity Apprentice to the outskirts of the cities he monopolizes — Trump is valiantly dismissive of anything that remotely deviates from his message of hate and more hate.

But, he was always like this.

I first became aware of the man with the means to scorch the meek back in the late nineties — when one of his victims was featured during a segment of ABC Eyewitness News — 7 On Your Side.

These investigators were dedicated to exposing everything — from scam artists to entrepreneurs thriving off of their bullying tactics.

It was awhile back — but I can still summon the desperation from the elderly lady who was being bamboozled out of her residence because Donald Trump needed to expand his viral empire.

He is still ramming his way through our existence and this time the stakes are higher — and yet, he is actually more popular than ever.

Why? Because he enjoys the freedom of free speech — which has been quite evident these past few weeks.

He can jokingly put his country at risk with dire references to provoked espionage that scarily illustrates his utter lack of decorum or knowledge of what it takes to be a world leader.

He is astute in his ability to juggle the dynamics of what will America “Great” — to a fault.

He knows how to prey on the unfortunate in order to round up the troops who are also fed up with the idea of playing house to immigrants who boast a darker hue and worship a god that won’t permit their daily calendar.

Donald Trump is a proud bastard.

He won’t give up his long-winded sermon that curses the population that can’t fit into the ideals of the “All-American” drunken squad that prefer the past transgressions of bigotry and misogyny.

They thought they found that with The Bush Dynasty but all those primed emotions had to be deeply hidden in polite spite.

Finally! A warrior with enough power and privilege to make the small town illiterates feel like wordsmiths.

This is their time. And they deserve it.

We don’t deserve the promises of a woman who looks the part but absolutely won’t deliver her branded sentiments.

Maybe House of Cards reconfigured my vision. Actually it did. Damn Francis and Claire! Once I allowed my faculties to be tarnished — all bets were off.

I totally get the pseudo-love affair that The Clintons tolerated without a break — even when the soiled dress threatened the future that is now.

Bill Clinton who was once president — actively sold out us out. Yep! He gathered the troops to ensure that Black males would be forever chained to a system that was designed to make it so.

He and his darling wife never imagined that one of them would escape the punishment of a lifetime — at their expense. It happened on their watch.

And, now its pay back time.

We are all being charged with the task of making the next four years resemble whatever the fuck it is we envision.

I am not capable of designing anything that remotely fits into my lust for peace because enough shit has happened to convince me that no matter what — people of color are screwed till kingdom come.

Hillary sounded great tonight and her daughter Chelsea did what needed to be done to pierce the hearts of die-hard supporters of Bernie Sanders.

I love a good production — especially when you throw in balloons and confetti of red, white and blue — bursting through our screens with gusto, as we ponder why we aren’t buying this very expensive act.

I can’t get with Hillary Clinton because she’s not Donald Trump.

He’s a liar and she’s liar with no conscience. Donald Trump is an open book of exasperation and insults and Hillary Clinton hides her true nature under a veil that isn’t heavy enough to darken the lies she tells — and continues to highlight until she moves back into her former abode.

I won’t help her make that dream come true. It would be easier to give Trump that new privilege but he fires people like me all the time.

I’m left with the brute and the lady with no clothes. Where is a mad hatter when you need one?

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