I want a guy to devour me whole without choking.

I need to have kisses aimed at every inch of my body. Every. Inch.

I want to bathe in a slathering flow of honey and spice as my skin replenishes the good dirt with bad.

I need my uterus to obey me when I pray for blood. Tons of bright red gushing out to reinforce the future of her. Or them.

I want to smile back when he smiles first and not wonder if I smiled first so he would smile. A little.

I need to know that the country of my birth and the country of my heritage can give me everything. I want.

I want to disappear for a month. Into the wild. Alone and armed with freedom to explore the fortress of my soul. I need that.

You need it too.

I need those who hate me right now not to quit hating me. It’s necessary to evoke strong emotions.

It replenishes what I remember to forget.

I want to write a book today and publish it tomorrow and have it turn into a movie.

I need to finish the script I refuse to finish because I got to the part where my characters reject me.

I want to love everybody as much as I love myself.

But that would be unfair to them because I don’t love myself that much.

I need to change that.

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