I respect your point of view. I’m pretty certain that my essay isn’t propped to defend a convicted sex offender. I’m merely making the point that none of us can attest to what transpired outside of what the courts dictated when Michael Jackson was acquitted of the charges against him when he was alive and able to defend himself.

I find it grossly morbid to attack the integrity of someone who is tragically not able to fight back. Regardless of whether or not we think he’s guilty based on the allegations that can’t be proven, the mere fact that we will never know what truly happened is enough to make this case void.

If you and others are comfortable with accepting the testimonies of the accusers as fact, then I respect that as long as you respect my decision to refrain from those actions or that way of thinking.

That doesn’t mean that I am capable of lending my support to sexual abusers who have been found guilty of those offenses or who are absolutely guilty but are walking free because of the intense fear of their victims.

I am one of those victims, and I’m quite sensitive to these cases and recognize the gravity they each carry, but I also like to be reasonable in those pursuits by recognizing them individualistically.

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