Under 30 Forever!

I Made the 40 Over 40 List! Except, It Doesn’t Exist, So I Guess I’m Just Over 40 With a Lot More Living To Do

One of the things I love about Twitter — is the way revolutions are erected just by the tweet of the heart — coming from the heart and aimed at hearts that my be fractured enough to be drenched by the comforting truth.

You are not alone.

It arrived just when I was almost incapable of moving my weary frame in the direction of a dream that had almost died. When I was a hustler with long black hair and a frame that could’ve gotten me anything I demanded — the only way to make it as a writer was to send hundreds of query letters to disinterested editors — that took their time when it came to systematically letting us down — without a smudge of encouragement and hope for a future that was shaping for the generation right behind us.

It happened exactly that way and despite the sting, we are able to fall back for the ones who are younger and vital enough to tweet winning links to award-winning essays that help to add writers to the winning list of winners.

The catalog of greatest hits as it pertains to those who are celebrated for doing what they do best keeps expanding in ways that are almost impossible to accommodate. As a frequent user and poised visitor — I am completely intrigued and mesmerized with all the awards and recognition lavished on young people — who while undeniably talented seem to have a hard time staying out of their own way as they collect the numerous evidence of how awesome they are — in an era where being anything less could mean the apocalypse.

Listen, as a member of the over forty crowd, I am sure you can understand how we are more than willing to step out of the way and provide thumbs up to the ones who own the gadgets that literally give them permission to rule the platforms of their choice with a mere click.

Getting noticed these days is an instantaneous exercise that just requires the will to connect and the ire of manipulated connectors that will reach the desired frequency if you are savvy enough to make the headlines read like the bait that will initiate those mandated clicks.

We old folks have adjusted. It didn’t take us that long to figure it out but that pales in comparison to the limitations of an age bracket that leaves us in the dust of accomplishment and distinguished service.

I could’ve sworn the Forbes 30 Under 30 list came out two weeks ago but I am embarrassingly overwhelmed with the volume of these stylized honors, so please forgive me.

The release date was actually January 3, 2017.

My timeline kicked into gear in the usual tripolar way. Some expressed the joy of being included in such illustrious company, others retweeted the good fortune of their heroes, while my tribe shared the reasons why age can’t ever negate the whims of the talented and passionate who keep going, despite the numerous roadblocks that deter but never block the vision.

Here’s a sample. She said this:

And I said this:

Again, this is why being social can’t ever be underestimated or reduced to a sport that takes up enough time to keep you casually occupied. There are the downtimes and then there are those bells that ring in unison as the change of guards display the colors of your heritage — and the labor that will never be reduced to the dust that flickers — each time the list of the younger and youngest is unleashed to torment or distract.

Life goes on until the darkness cowers and raises you to the realm where you live on.

We don’t need to be part of a collection of creative misfits who shared their way to glory. We don’t hunger for the path that leads to an Instagrammed chart that shows how the elongated branches invigorate the trees of our diaphragm by allowing those muscles to work up the appetite for fame.

It’s so damn vital to be conceived from the womb of worshippers, and once we are born — there is no other way to survive other than the assurance that we continuously listen to the beat of the drum.

It beats for the benefit of those who rely on our primal popularity and unending trajectory to the heights of greatness and validity.

I am on the 40 Over 40 List.

We have a whole lotta living to do and the road to discovery is paved with the swaddling of why “here and now” makes tomorrow the award season only we will attend.

The under 30 don’t need to worry about living — they did that already and if they need to know what comes next — maybe they can dare to get older.

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