I know Why Donald Trump Won

Ezinne Ukoha
2 min readNov 14, 2016

I watched 60 minutes on Sunday, and now I think know why Donald Trump won. He was successful because he demanded to win and his rival expected that she would.

Trump isn’t a scary monster with willful plans of extinction for mankind. He’s just a privileged primate who has no idea what he has gotten himself into or how to get out — but is convinced that he deserves to be exactly where he as ended up.


Yesterday, we wanted to believe that only qualified soldiers could occupy the station of the presidency. We adhered to the notion that Americans understand the difference between right and wrong — and no matter how high the stakes — we would band together to ensure that the sanctity of our government would never be threatened by the unfathomable.

But, the virus of clicking, tweeting, retweeting, and reposting hadn’t quite seeped in and we wanted to believe that despite the banging against the keys of our time — we were still human.

As I watched with my mouth closed and my eyes wide open, a feeling of grateful anguish came over me. There he was. The man that has held the world in his grasp ever since he became what many swore he wouldn’t.

He didn’t seem that scary. He didn’t possess the capacity to ruin lives or uproot a burgeoning generation.

He looked like someone who fought for what he wanted and got the portion delegated to warriors of his kind.

He spoke the language that resonated with disorganized souls that answer only to the calls of the wild. His nemesis was a well-preserved competitor but she lacked the primal gauge needed to promote her agenda.

This man, this thing, this apocalyptic leader with the movement that can’t be squashed — ascended in a natural way. He just needed to be liked enough and propped into the system as many times as necessary — in order to reconfigure everything we believed to be true.

Now, we know better.

We know that our president-elect will not save or kill us. He will not restore law and order or abide by those codes. He will not keep our best interests in full view or champion causes abroad. He will not maintain the standards that aim to settle the chaos when it initiates without warning.

He will not be a good president because we are not good people.

We don’t know who we are anymore and this has given us a master of ruins who will survey the damage with distant candor for as long as he is assigned to do so.

I know why Donald Trump won.

He won because we lost. We lost way before he thought he could win.

And now that he has won. He has joined us as losers. He doesn’t like to lose.

He will punish us for it.