I hear you. I was invited to write for Medium back in 2013 when it was still a work in progress. The best editor I’ve ever had and a good friend curated two publications here — Culture Club and Those People, and we went through the highs and lows of keeping both alive and thriving.

I launched my solo writing career on this platform in late 2015 and it was actually more rewarding writing for free without the distraction of stats and paywalls.

When I was invited to join the Program, I was hesitant but it turned out to be a revelation due to the amount of money I was getting and just feeling like I was finally at that place where getting paid to write wasn’t just a dream.

For the first 6 months, I felt blissfully fulfilled, but then things changed and the stats began to drastically shift away from my control, and I was forced to face the truth of how as writers plugging away on platforms we don’t own, we are subjected to whatever comes from that process — good or bad.

I have had a great run with no regrets, but this just serves asa portal that I’ve nourished long enough to care about engagement and being able to tackle the issues that are dear to me.

I’m not looking for much else at this point.

But, you’re an awesome writer, and your voice matters, I think your trajectory on this platform reflects that, regardless of the numbers. I would just focus on continuing the great work.

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