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No longer under lock and key

I Don’t Care That Equifax Sold Us Out

Hack away!

Cool! Does that mean that credit scores will be refigured accordingly? Of course not! My score is still shitty — despite years of keeping out of the red. I was the favorite of society until life hit — and I was forced to make those cards swipe with urgency.

So, all my information is out there. Passwords that took forever to revise and the date of birth and stuff attached to my maternal grandparents — who had no clue that their choice would be my choice for web identification.

The crazy thing is how we pretend as if our thought process has been hijacked by the language of machines — that have us at the clicks that make us prettier each time we hover.

Surely, you know that you’re screwed regardless — and that’s because of how easy it was to charm us with futuristic tendencies that can make you anything you claim — as long as your page is updated accordingly.

Equifax is just one of so many — that use our personal information for business deals. The calls that randomly jolts lunch breaks. The relentless blocking that only enhances more of such interruptions.

It’s not what you’re doing — its what they refuse to do on your behalf — after you signed the consent form that lied about how your rights are protected — under the law that is currently under renovation.

The reason I’m okay with the news that so many of us are floating on a cloud — is because the iCloud gave me tips on how to be stranded on an air bed that feels good when it holds its whispers.

The truth is loud enough to guzzle with the liquid of champions who never quit until the bank account is emptied by the authorities — who collect debt — no matter how much your password and trick answers are shared and stamped for approval.

You are now set and ready to go. But, are you really who it says you are or are selling your identity for a better one?

No worries! The bots will answer for us.

Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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