I appreciate you sharing your views. You are right — it’s not as easy as “Black and White.” It’s about Black America being subjected to the rhetoric that what is happening in their communities isn’t racism but rather a symptom of how the wealthy consistently erode the existence of the less fortunate.

This argument helps to propel the notion that racism is a thing of the past because White people who aren’t wealthy are also victims of similar treatment.

This is false but comprehendible.

It is extremely difficult to accept that a 12-year-old boy playing in a neighborhood park with a toy gun can be gunned down in broad daylight. If it had been a White pre-teen engaged in a game of “Cowboys and Indians” — you know that he would be alive today — without a doubt.

It is hard to imagine Black men being gunned down in the presence of loved ones. Even toddlers aren’t spared the horror of being trapped in the back seat as they internalize what will most likely be replayed in their future.

I was born in America, but grew up in Nigeria. I was taught to see Black Americans as “less than.” They are lazy, violent and incapable of being fundamental players in a society that never accepted them in the first place.

I wasn’t typical in my pursuits. As a teenager I worshipped The Cure, Bon Jovi, Nirvana, Sarah McLachlan, Alanis Morissette, ABBA, etc. I guess I’m shamelessly plugging the fact that you can’t categorize me as the “Black Chick” who is angry and only bumps and grinds to R Kelly or Drake.

I have the uniqueness of seeing America through my lenses despite the over-zealous interference of loved ones.

I basically grew up.

I saw first-hand how slavery continues to devour the generations past and the ones who try in vain to escape the bolts and chains that ships executed through the currents of the wind.

I appreciate your contribution to this conversation. It’s your privilege to tell me that racism has specifications and it’s my duty to inform you that unless your background matches those of us who were products of ancestors that were tossed about with causal brutality — whatever you share will remain embedded in all the reasons why White America and Black America will always remain cautiously separated.

It’s not about the White people who don’t see “Black or White” — it’s about the Black people who are dying because Black and White remains a mixture that breeds tragic contempt.

I don’t write from a place of hate or bitterness. I write because I’m human and I can’t be Black without blending the two.

As long as my people are shoved to the concrete ground and tossed into jail to die — I will always be that “angry black woman.”

I wasn’t born that way, but life…

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