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#HurricaneMaria Killed Way More People Than Previously Reported

Trump’s Administration Has Blood On Its Hands

When Hurricane Maria ravaged the island of Puerto Rico last fall — it was unfortunate that we were already saddled with Donald J. Trump as president. A man who has spent his life and career swindling innocent folks out of their livelihood — in order to maintain his failing establishments.

Trump is the worst form of a human being — and that was illustrated in his less-than-stellar response to the dire situation afflicting desperate Puerto Ricans — who managed to survive the hurricane — but still had the challenge of recovering from the aftermath of the mammoth storm.

It was clear that the devastation exacted by Hurricane Maria was beyond the capacity of a territory that had already been tattered by systemic poverty — and the gross neglect of the American government — that has always been satisfied with the duty of observing from afar.

As the images and videos — depicting what was obviously proof of a national crisis became the default for news organizations — America’s newly-minted president and first lady arrived to casually survey the damage — while also entertaining starving islanders with a game that involved disrespectfully tossing paper towels at the crowd.

You have to see it to believe it.

When Trump was crucified for this act of blatant ignorance — he responded by describing his inexplicable motivation to Mike Huckabee — during a staged appearance on the Christian Network Trinity Broadcasting.

“They had these beautiful, soft towels, very good towels.”

Trump then went on to boast about the hearty reception he received — which in turn led him to demonstrate his appreciation by yielding to the requests of the crowd. He was the rockstar who obliged his over-zealous fans.

“And I came in and there was a crowd of a lot of people. And they were screaming and they were loving everything. I was having fun, they were having fun.” “Throw ’em to me! Throw ’em to me Mr. President!”

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz — wasn’t amused by Trump’s response to the grim state-of-affairs in her homeland — and promptly began her quest to expose the destructive and negligent acts of her powerful nemesis — who refused to back down in his refusal to offer up compassion or any hint of respect for the dead — and the sorrowful ones left behind.

“The terrible and abominable view of him throwing paper towels and throwing provisions of people, it does not embody the spirit of the American nation.”

The pressure from Cruz began to mount — as the mayor relentlessly berated Trump’s toxic administration for their inefficient rescue mission — stemming from the inability to provide adequate assistance to the battered region.

Puerto Rico was operating in darkness — after the power supply was cut off — not to mention the lack of basic amenities that put the vulnerable — like children — the elderly and the sickly at high risk — but Trump was remarkably unmoved and instead began a massive attack campaign against the mayor by questioning her integrity.

“She really did not do a very good job in fact did a very poor job.”

The back and forth between the San Juan Mayor and the President of the United States — played out in full view of the nation — and the contempt between them finalized the realization that Puerto Ricans were essentially being treated like aliens.

Trump ignored the fact that they were were just as American as the Floridians — that he praised highly for their swift recovery from Hurricane Irma.

The other disturbing aspect of the way this evil administration handled the natural disaster in Puerto Rico — was the way their financial instability was used as a weapon of shame — to degrade the sinking island and its inhabitants.

Trump would consistently make references to their outstanding debt with accusatory remarks — that were meant to be a strong criticism of how local officials in the U.S. territory recklessly mismanaged funds in ways that threw the “budget a little out of whack.”

Meanwhile the death toll was never aptly confirmed as the numbers were varied across the board. The reasoning behind the inconsistency lay in the dismal realization that the process of recovery was almost stagnant — due to the limited amount of manpower and overall investment from agencies that were instituted for such a task.

The death toll was finally set at 64.

But — months later comes the unfathomable news that the number of dead is actually 70 times what was originally reported.

It’s believed that at least 3,000 people perished during Hurricane Maria — based on a study conducted by Harvard University.

The reason for such a drastic rise in the number of casualties is due to the vastness of the devastation — which made it almost impossible to accurately record how many lives were lost — since the clean up efforts have been overwhelmingly extensive — and complex — because of the lack of vital resources.

President Trump was adamant about prematurely ending governmental assistance to Puerto Rico — and that decision definitely contributed to the slow recovery time and the current issues that are still crippling the ravaged island.

As a result of the sheer desperation of family members who never found the bodies of loved ones — as well as the damaged infrastructures that still paralyze functionality and quality of life — notables and natives like Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and a host of others — spearheaded initiatives to help fund the revival of their beloved home town.

But — we are now recovering the hard truths — thanks to officials like Carlos Mercader from Puerto Rico’s Federal Affairs Administration — who was eager to receive the results from the Harvard survey as a way to reconcile what he already suspected.

“The magnitude of this tragic disaster caused by Hurricane Maria resulted in many fatalities.”

Based on research conducted through field trips that involved visitation with affected families — it was determined that while the storm killed a good amount of locals — a lot of people died as a result of medical conditions that worsened when access to treatment was tragically halted.

The lack of electricity forced residents to rely on high-priced generators — and for those on life support — it was literally a matter of life and death — and very often dying was the unfortunate outcome.

There was also an increase in deaths that resulted from suicide — as the immensity of a natural disaster that leaves so many — that were barely making ends meet — completely incapacitated without the assurance of imminent rescue — can take an irreversible toll.

Now that this latest revelation has hit — there’s no denying that Trump’s administration has blood on its hands.

The president never took the devastation that riddled the “Caribbean island that’s home to 3.4 million US citizens” — seriously — and in fact rejected the notion that it was as bad as it really was — by minimizing and trivializing the intense suffering of survivors who are still reeling from the consequences of being misplaced and resourcefully handicapped.

The epicenter of survival — the health care system — was hit the hardest because of no electricity or running water — which are crucial elements for those whose lives are hanging in the balance — as helpless relatives hoped for the best — but prepared for the worst.

A lot more could’ve been done to save more lives.

And while Cruz used her twitter account to attest to the deplorable attitude of Trump and his henchmen — by exposing how their inaction was costing lives — there seemed to be a general sense of empathy — that sadly wasn’t epic enough to force those in power to re-consider their unpatriotic callousness and disgraceful nonchalance.

What President Trump performed against the people of Puerto Rico is a sickening crime — and the only justice that matters is the promise that he will be appropriately condemned for his sins.

It won’t bring back the dead — and while we may never know exactly how many perished — there’s the prayer that their souls will haunt this diseased administration without fail — and with the authority of spirited vengeance — that only this great nation can dispense.

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