How Will Mainstream Media Survive Trump?

Fox News has already hatched its game plan for the post-Trump era, and it’s expectedly concentrated on the demonization of the newly-minted Biden/Harris administration with familiar soundbites about the evils of immigration, and approaching caravans from Guatemala that won’t be intercepted by the dangerous agenda of radical Democrats.

As for revered staples like CNN and MSNBC, it’s unclear how the unhealthy obsession with Donald Trump, which was made possible by his stellar hijacking of the national narrative for four years straight, will eventually fade away to make room for a less chaotic atmosphere and constructive discussions about the things that matter.

We know that when Candidate Trump was throwing his weight around with unsightly recklessness and pompous greed, news outlets were so mesmerized by the new movement of Trumpism, that ill-fated decisions were made to hire a slew of level-headed white women and popular media personalities with massive following, who could represent the more palatable aspects of conservatism to a responsive audience.

This provided instant stardom for the likes of Kayleigh McEnany and Tomi Lahren, two white women with favored angelic features, who were poised to dominate the competitive field of conservative media with the messaging of how potential Trump voters are staying loyal for the country they love — and not necessarily supporting a racist, sexist, Islamophobic, xenophobic mutt.

Tomi Lahren’s outrageously offensive talking points garnered her profitable attention for her expanding brand, to the point that she was extended invitations from unlikely sources like Black cultural hub The Breakfast Club and from Daily Show host Trevor Noah.

The increasing viability of Trumpism was so profound that it inspired the enablement of notable platforms, that didn’t start off hosting the bigoted mindset of ignorant, privileged white folks, who don’t make those spotlighted appearances with sincere intent to meet their clueless hosts halfway with the promise to do better — because that would void their mission statement.

There was also the highly-ambitious and shamelessly racist Megyn Kelly, who spent a lengthy tenure at Fox News, demonstrating her problematic viewpoints about systemic injustice by vilifying Black victims of police brutality, and berating Black children for daring to believe in Black Santa and Black Jesus.

Kelly’s deplorable qualities didn’t dissuade NBC News from offering her the historic deal that catapulted her to the over-paid, conservative media darling, who was tolerable enough to appeal to a wider spectrum of viewers; self-professed patriots and likely Trump voters, even though they “denounced” his thuggish qualities.

Of course that didn’t work out too well for Kelly, who couldn’t help herself when it came to making a strong case for the freedom of white bigots to don blackface as a preferred adornment for Halloween, a problematic sentiment she shared on her struggling daytime TV show — Megyn Kelly Today.

NBC, a longstanding, well-respected news organization, had no choice but to swiftly severe ties with a loose canon, with mighty regrets for stupidly betting on the success story of a high-stakes hire, who was formerly employed at the megaphone for white supremacism.

Then we have Trump’s last soldier standing and former press secretary of his criminalized regime, Kayleigh McEnany, who was ironically groomed at the holier than thou roundtable sessions at CNN studios, where she was recruited during the mayhem of her future boss’ run for office.

McEnany was utilized by CNN producers as the sanitized version of white evangelism, the arc of white supremacy in alignment with far-right ideologies.

It was her impassioned debates with fellow commentator from the other side, Van Jones, who publicly praised McEnany’s skill set and predicted her bright future on the horizon, that got the attention of the Republican National Committee, which led to her appointment as national spokesperson, and the rest as they say is history.

But it’s worth pointing out that prior to CNN’s hiring of McEnany, a self-described evangelical, who believes God paved the way for her disgraceful career as a tax-funded expert liar and cheerleader of white terrorism, courtesy of her job duties as the advancer of conspiracy theories — the Florida native littered her Twitter feed with proof of her blatant racism and xenophobia.

Kayleigh, this YOU?

Apparently the vetting process at CNN isn’t that thorough, since five years after those tweets were deposited, McEnany was still hired to be the perfected prototype of the modernized conservative era, featuring young, white women, who are demure and expressive in ways that purify their damning track records as raging bigots.

The humanizing treatment of white people who behave badly by weaponizing unearned privilege and power extends to online publications, as we observed the way brands like The New York Times, The Atlantic and consistently curated misguided pieces that protected the fragility of Melania and Ivanka Trump.

The former first lady and first daughter were repeatedly praised for their ability to retain their “dignity and grace” in the midst of unprecedented national unrest, orchestrated by the beast they each willfully encouraged and fully supported.

Melania Trump was touted by NYT and for her stealth adherence to barely embodying an illustrious role she failed to elevate in the same fashion as her predecessors, which made it easier for her to run and hide in the Palm Beach fortress — Mar-a-Largo — to escape the background noise of White House hysteria.

Ivanka and Jared received the treatment of casual mythology by The Atlantic and NYT for their joint efforts as the new “It Couple of DC,” each enjoying the freedom of both worlds, as unqualified White House senior advisors, who were able to operate under the radar, with seamless access to the absolute power that made them an ideal partnership for high society and global dominance.

The main crux of the media’s complicated problem with Trumpism is embedded in the painfully slow progression of mandated diversity in decision-making positions. The ability to implement narratives that reflect active issues, dominating targeted communities outside of whiteness can only be formulated and endorsed by TV producers and online editors, who are authentically attached.

Donald Trump’s fateful ascension was made possible by an array of factors, mainly the cowardice of a flailing industry that couldn’t resist the seductive whims of an egomaniacal Racist-in-Chief, who was overblown and overexposed by the megaphone of Fox News.

But even worse is how notable outlets that claim immunity also participated in the deadliness of the Trump era.

Where do we go from here?

That will depend on how liberal-based news networks purposefully contend with their blighted past, and make reconciliations that will guarantee the unlikelihood of reigniting the ugly past relationship with a former and present human grenade.

Fox News will continue to be the basin of obsessive dysfunction and crown bearer of fake news/alternative facts, but that must be overpowered by the spree of diversity hires at places that matter in the industry that desperately needs a lifeline.

Whether or not that’s possible remains to be seen — but if we’re to survive the next four years relatively unscathed — change in media has to come.

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