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London’s grand welcome to the President of the United States of America

How White Privilege Is Keeping A Thug In The White House

Is the overall value of Whiteness calculable?

The enemy of the state is a White thug. The enemy of the world is a White thug. The enemy against progression and a thoroughness towards unification of a currently paralyzed nation is a White thug. The enemy against the safe keeping of humanity is a White thug.

The White thug who is allowed the privilege to be a thug without restraint is President Donald J. Trump.

Trump’s disastrous European tour ended with the highly-anticipated meeting with another more seasoned thug — Russia’s crime lord — Vladimir Putin. The discussion behind closed doors spilled outdoors — when the two men hosted a presser where questions were hurtled by eager reporters who didn’t have to wait very long for the brutal grand finale.

The body language of both men already revealed the designated victor as Trump maintained his uneven stance as the toddler-in-Chief — who is very aware of his immaturity and inefficiency in ultra-sensitive situations of a political nature — that demands his ability to over-exceed his grip of what it means to be the cemented leader of the free world.

Putin, was composed, relaxed and mildly amused at the glaring differences between him and the man that he played like a well-polished fiddle. France may have won the World Cup — but that major win has been reassigned to Russia after President Trump sold out his country to stroke his brittle ego.

This was the easiest win ever for the Kremlin, and in fact, this wasn’t a competition. There’s no competing for similar interests or profitable investments or the hope for peaceful embraces — that extend beyond the shores of traditional tensions that have set up enough barriers to protect the Western world from the plots and deception of threatening adversaries.

The moment the President met with murderous dictator Kim Jung Un — all bets were off. His willingness to bolster his reputation at the expense of the citizens of the world — by breaking bread with a much younger thug who he inexplicably praised as “honorable and decent” — was an attempt to forge the historical manifest — that could somehow finesse his bullet-ridden legacy and hilariously lead to a Noble Peace Prize.

The United States of America is dead.

It died when President Barack Obama became the very first Black President of a country that was never ready for such an epic move.

The worst part of the Obama years was watching a Black man use his intelligence to charismatically sweep the world into submission without missing a beat. The attacks on the Black President settled mainly in the nauseating notion that he was just as competent and brilliant as he promised to be, and for White political detractors — his almost blemish-free record is still a source of torment.

Bear in mind that former President Barack Obama remains the most disrespected Commander-in-Chief in the history of the presidency — thanks to the shots aimed at his character by U.S. citizens and officials.

While President Trump is now the most disrespected American President on foreign soil — thanks to the outspokenness of foreigners who are appalled and dismayed at the sight of someone who shouldn’t be allowed to represent anything or anyone in any capacity.

The Obama years incubated a wealthy White gangster, with bigoted beliefs and a pea-sized brain.

A shockingly and devastatingly ill-equipped idiot, who spent his time in Europe, insulting his former allies to their faces, insulting his country with shameless enthusiasm, insulting the political process that gifted him the presidency, insulting the government agencies that work mighty hard to uphold the principles that bind political parties when outside interferences threaten to infect our climate, and insulting the core of our values when it pertains to electing a man who was woefully under-qualified for the office of the presidency.

White privilege is protecting Donald Trump and cushioning the blows that should ultimately pave the way for his impeachment.

White men who behave badly have long been rewarded for their destructive endeavors, and while we’ve been able to function under this umbrella of oppression— despite the lives that suffer for not being White enough to survive the poison of White America — there’s no way to deny that if Trump remains in power — the devastation to all Americans will be catastrophic.

If Barack Obama had exhibited just a sliver of what his successor is breeding all over the globe, impeachment talks would be in full swing, with Fox News consistently featuring pundits exacting pressure to remove the bomb in the form of a deplorable Black leader — who is on standby to self-destruct.

If Barack Obama stood side by side with British Prime Minister, Theresa May, and seized that opportunity to harass and condemn a reputable media outlet from his own country — while downplaying his own damning actions of speaking to a British tabloid about the weakness and stupidity of his host country’s leaders — he would be blasted with such force that there would be very little doubt of his imminent fate.

If Barack Obama shit all over the results of the Russian probe that indicts a group of Putin’s henchmen for illegally meddling in the 2016 American elections, by accusing homegrown intelligence agencies of being just as guilty as the very country that dangerously attacked our democracy — there would be an uproar greeting his welcome back to the shores of a country that he incessantly betrayed with eyes wide open.

If Barack Obama had dared to demean the strategic efforts of U.S. intelligence on behalf of honoring Vladimir Putin, right before shitting all over the once longstanding diplomatic relations with Britain, France, Germany — by readily demolishing agreements with NATO and other organizational entities — that have been recognized by past American presidents with the understanding of global harmony — there would be a defiant pursuit to remove this soldier who glorifies crimes against humanity — effective immediately.

The GOP is willing to risk our lives by fully supporting a President who meekly surrendered to the evils of the Kremlin on the world stage because Donald Trump is a White man.

The power of Whiteness may very well kill us because White people look out for their own and no matter the weight of the offense or how high the stakes — Whiteness has to be coddled at all costs.

Having a proud White supremacist as president is an interesting disposition when you’re a person of color. You get to observe the roster of opportunities that White males are afforded without fail — and even when the very worst happens — there’s still a strong indication that there will never be “the end of the line.”

Donald Trump basically carried his extended campaign monologue abroad — and shared his vile rhetoric with a crowd that greeted him with non-stop protests, which is the first time a U.S. president has been ceremoniously shamed in foreign territories that now harbor astonishment and deeply embedded wounds — stemming from a strained relationship that has now been completely broken.

From his ridiculous ideology on immigration that is birthed from the playbook of White supremacy and depicts immigrants as the disease that will swiftly eradicate White culture in Europe — to his seamless symphony of hits that has borne historical ramifications that the United States will never recover from — the messiness of all messes is spreading rampantly.

And as the world rips apart from the antics of a celebrated spoiled brat, there was the mandatory golf outing on his plush property in Scotland, that was staged as a reward for his utterly disgraceful performance with world dignitaries.

Donald Trump is the White man still standing in the filth of his privilege.

America has to decide how precious a bratty White man is compared to the rest of the world.

America has to decide whether or not pursuing avenues to remove a giant baby from the controls of universal power is worth it or if it’s more vital to give Whiteness the pass it always gets — even in the face of terrifying items that can’t be overlooked in favor of bipartisan pursuits that can no longer remain activated.

America has to decide how and why the value of Whiteness exceeds good versus evil, right versus wrong and the remarkable simplicity of common sense when it comes to the practicality of ruling bodies — that are in place to ensure that this chaotic and insanely mind-blogging period of our history would never be ignited in the first place.

America has to decide how the Commander-in-Chief, commanded the worst case scenario without blinking and with the audacity of a defeated unprofessional under the watchful care of advisors.

The very officials who are tasked with upholding the values of a former world power by rejecting the throes of gross negligence — that is flowing from the tantrums of the Baby-in-Chief — who managed to buy a first-class ticket to the end of our world.

America has to calculate the worth of Whiteness and determine whether or not the privilege that comes with that, can continue to sustain the blinding debris that is already killing off people of color.

Trump criticizes the instability of other nations, and yet America is engaged in a frantic race war.

Whites are attacking Blacks with energetic assistance from law enforcement. White terrorists are no longer just White men with bombs and guns to boot. White women are using their gadgets as weapons by ridding the streets of Black bodies — and engaging with police officers in an effort to re-amplify what their White president has been pleading for all along.

The office of the presidency will never, ever be regarded in the dignified light that has dimmed.

The damage is irreversible. It took a White man to overwhelmingly blot out all the hard work that former presidents exerted for common good, and in the quest for truth, liberty and justice for all. It took a White man to boldly defame the electoral process of his own country in the face of a detractor — who is responsible for the brutal cyber invasion on our policies as well as our freedom to choose without the missiles of betrayal.

White privilege and those who adhere to this deadly religion — is giving a White thug permission to run America out of the business of living — by supplying the tools for his menacing reign at the expense of what is now non-refundable.

A White man is ruining the world-at-large because the prized vulnerability of Whiteness is apparently more valuable than finally coming together to do what needs to be done to save us from the true weapon of mass destruction.

White privilege isn’t a myth. It’s America’s preferred currency and it’s reducing us into heaps of rubble. And blatantly ignoring the suffocating residue by stepping over ground zero with distant nonchalance is nothing short of thuggish.

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