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You can’t whitewash this

How White Media Whitewashed The Trumps Royal Reception

The White media strikes again! And this time it’s personal. The attack also reveals the main reason why the supremacy of Whiteness can’t be downplayed or casually internalized. It’s such a normalized disposition, and this reality is dangerous when you consider the habitual delivery of utter bullshit from the jaws of the so-called mainstream media.

The culprits are the usual suspects, and they have perfected the exercise of being able to juggle the status of “eating your cake, and having it too.”

If you follow my work, then you must know by now that I have zero patience for the societal coddling of White women, and how that breeds the disease of White feminism in all its potent forms.

This explains why the key women in President’s Trump’s stormy life, namely Melania and Ivanka, are able to seamlessly coast through this season of extremes, that’s produced from the hostile rhetoric of a beastly bigot, who has succeeded in grossly exceeding his authority with the guarantee of being spared the dire consequences for his disgraceful misconduct — both at home and abroad.

Even before the former wannabe model was tragically anointed the first lady of a country that she barely knows outside of the golden gates of strategically located fortresses, media outlets were already manufacturing the soft cushion that would be used to soften the blows from drowned out critics.

We are the ones who rightfully and patriotically point the finger at a woman who played a vital role in endangering the lives of the first-ever Black family to move into The White House, with the racist-driven birtherism controversy, directed at President Obama.

Her inexplicable rise to the station that is evidently above her pay grade is even that much more harder to tolerate when you consider how Michelle Obama diligently pampered her personalized initiatives with the passionate pursuit of a leader, who was determined to boost her special role with the embrace of excellence that still resonates for her roster of benefactors.

Melania Trump is a different kind of talent. Her speciality lies in the ability to communicate her independence with questionable fashion choices, and the decoded body language towards her embattled husband as they board and exit Air Force One on foreign soil.

It’s quite amazing that in this volatile climate that was always brewing before reaching heights of unhealthiness, White women writers at reputable publications, seem to have the capacity to crank out nauseatingly offensive puff pieces, that are centered around the conveniently fantastical universe of a first lady who isn’t at all interested in progressively defining that acquired title.

CNN, The New York Times, The Atlantic, etc are among the outlets that are dedicated to protecting the interests of Melania and Ivanka, with the level of enthusiasm that’s both bothersome and jarringly traitorous, when you consider the sanctimonious vibes that are on display when tackling the toxicity of the Trump administration — all day — everyday.

When Melania launched her crappy #BeBest campaign with the intention of defeating the ongoing war of cyberbullying, mainstream media barely raised an eyebrow at the hypocrisy of the first lady’s ill-fated mission statement, that listed bullet points that were constructed to highlight her own husband’s disturbing penchant for using Twitter as the ideal weaponry for terrorizing women — specifically Black women in positions of authority.

This habitual need to keep the first lady cleansed from the filthiness of her willing participation in her husband’s crimes is consistently activated by the media’s preferential treatment, that allows for Melania Trump to spend her highly visible tour of the African continent dressed like the high society wife of a British colonial sergeant, without the consequential analysis from the press.

White media would rather hone in on Melania’s enviable stealthiness when it comes to the disappearing acts that situate her behind the gates of Mar-a-Lago, where she’s able to escape the responsibility of facing the direness of an ailing nation, that’s being vandalized by her husband’s deadly actions.

So with that in mind, it’s no shocker that recruited trusted writers to prepare yet another puff piece about the much-heralded trip to the U.K. and how the first lady’s “glamorous and mysterious” reputation will surely raise the expectations of gawkers all over the globe.

By the way, this nonsensical narrative that focuses on the “mysteriousness” of a woman who couldn’t be more transparent if she tried, needs to be formally retired.

In any case, The Trumps have descended into Londontown, and the pomp and circumstance that greeted their arrival was only furnished as an homage to the past American presidents, who deserve to not have that legacy tarnished by a bullish yellow-haired oaf, who chose to begin his royal reception with the hovering nasty comments about Duchess Meghan and the Mayor of London.

But it was the actual media coverage of the initial meeting between The Trumps and the Royal Family that proved to be the affair to remember.

CNN swiftly went into protective mode via the splattering of opinions from rambling commentators, who were all White, and apparently dedicated to the assignment of validating the performances of the Caucasian president and his wife, at the expense of the Black president and his first lady.

White supremacy is a tricky thing because the delivery can be sheathed in blinding falsehoods that contain the normalized views that blur the potency of outright bigotry.

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Here’s a view you’re not going to get with The Trumps

It’s insanely unacceptable for CNN to propel the narrative of how the challenges of perfecting royal protocol can overwhelm even the best of them, with repetitive examples of how Michelle Obama placed her arm around the Queen during the very first meeting in 2009, with the winner being the awkward toast from President Obama during the Queen’s banquet in 2011, that was abruptly interrupted by the orchestra’s accidental signal to strike up God Save The Queen.

Shortly after the former first lady’s snafu, a spokesperson for Buckingham Palace graciously dismissed the chatter with the assurance that “it was a mutual and spontaneous display of affection.” While adding that “we don’t issue instructions on not touching the queen.”

And President Obama handled his situation with the grace and humility that is woefully missing in these traumatic times that feature a man-baby with a dangerously weak ego that has to be fondled with the methodical approach that dictates instructing the military to go above and beyond the call of duty, even when it means shaming the family name of a war hero.

But this is really about the way in which mainstream media disgustingly caters to the religion of White supremacy, with the full awareness of how those actions could potentially devalue the worth of worthier contenders, who are Black enough to suffer the mistreatment of whitewashed events.

How dare these White commentators callously normalize the audacity of The Trumps by constantly mentioning the “mishaps” The Obamas suffered when they met with the Royal Family, in an foul attempt to minimize the disastrousness of of what is unfolding before our very eyes, by drawing upon the weak arguments of how even Blackness at its very finest can buckle from the strain of celebrated pageantry.

This polluted and pathetic quest to keep the currency of Whiteness at its highest value is expected from a nefariously-operated establishment like Fox News, but when it seeps into the pillars of “truth-tellers,” that are supposedly committed to exposing the shittiness of a shitty president and his minions, without filters, that’s when we really absorb the brutal truth of why being dominated by the deliverables of White media was never a balanced form of viewing for non-White audiences.

No wonder the state of affairs when it comes to diversity in notable newsrooms and anchor seats is unforgivably stagnant.

When they show you who they are in the beginning, never doubt those visuals.

Black and Brown creatives have to reclaim the narratives that appeal to our brands, and even though we’ve always known this, the frustration lies in the power structure and the biased system that cheats Black and Brown out of the privilege of a dominant voice.

I don’t have the answers, and I’m not sure how we get there, but I’m never going to stop my assignment of calling out the bullshit — even if it all sounds the same.

If the same shit persists — them my messaging will match that shit.

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