What a night!

How White Media Is Repeating The Crimes of Election 2016

It’s hard to fathom that we are merely months away from electing the next president of a country that’s sadly worse for wear after being mercilessly attacked by what was supposed to be a hopeful start to a brand new decade.

President Trump’s campaign theme for his reelection was going to center on the “booming economy,” which he and his henchmen spent the weeks after the new year touting on every major news outlet that would have them.

Conservative and liberal media created a united front when it came to parading evidence of impressive job numbers and all the structured data that supported this administrations imminent victory lap in November 2020.

Overexposed talking heads dominating roundtables at rival venues, CNN and Fox News, couldn’t wait to give Trump his due. And the matching narratives were laced with threats of how “the best economy ever” could very well give Trump the upper-hand, based on his ability to give the people what they want, even when they hate him for it.

But the devastating effects of a global pandemic that has so far killed over 90,000 Americans, and counting, has levied tsunami-sized currents that have violently swept away Trump’s golden ticket back to the House, and once-illustrious station that he has irrevocably defaced beyond recognition.

The national terrorizer who has blood on his hands for his willful radicalization of heated white males, who have helped to fast and furiously increase the tragic occurrences of hate crimes in America since 2016, based on Trump’s hate-filled rhetoric targeted at vulnerable communities —should also be held accountable for his botched response to COVID-19.

Donald Trump may be the long awaited white Messiah to white evangelicals, but for clear-minded folks without nefarious agendas shielded by the force field of white Jesus, all we see is privileged future felon, who dangerously has taken the gross epitome of whiteness to greater heights.

Heck, this bullish oaf doesn’t even give a damn about his own people!

He would gladly kill them off by making outlandish declarations that are barely refuted by the poisoned and very racist GOP.

Trump is already disproportionately murdering Black and Brown victims with his purposely staggered leadership when it came to implementing live-saving measures that could’ve drastically reduced the lethality of a deadly virus at the initial phase.

And now that hardest hit communities have to contend with the dreadful reality of being forced into potentially unsafe spaces for the reward of measly paychecks, there’s also the active fear of the second wave of coronavirus that will be even more horrific than what we’re currently accommodating.

Having a self-professed white nationalist as president, who randomly curses out Black women journalists, who rarely get public support from their white counterparts, and who thrives from the deep division that has permanently shattered national relations, has been the nightmare of our existence.

But what happens if Donald Trump, the absolute worst ever Commander-in-Chief, who commands chaos and lawlessness on behalf of white supremacy is inexplicably gifted another four years?

We are fast approaching the halfway point of 2020, and this tumultous year that hasn’t promised to stop ravaging the very air we breathe, is tasking us with the enormity of a decision that is literally embedded in the fragility of our survivability.

This explains the longstanding gripe that I have against the media’s gross negligence when it comes to the failure to adhere to the basic requirements of inclusion — across the board.

Nothing much has changed since that exploitative season of 2016 when the white media couldn’t resist the seductiveness of fanning the flames of mass hysteria over the electability of a reality TV star who possessed the edginess of his profound orneriness.

Trump’s showmanship made for must-see viewing, and his appeal resurrected flatlined institutions like Saturday Night Live, and revived unremarkable trajectories of seasoned white anchors on cable news networks, who are privately praying that their heavenly status isn’t interrupted by Biden’s unexcitable takeover.

If you’re frightened by what’s on your screen, then don’t head over to online portals like CNN.com, The New York Times, The Atlantic, where white women writers give Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump periodic shoutouts in an attempt to humanize co-conspirators who are complicit in the toxicity of this administration.

You might even stumble on write-ups titled: “How Donald Trump Wins Again…” where CNN’s Editor-at-large briefly breaks down why actor James Woods, a vocal Trumpster, expertly summed up in a tweet, why a bigoted, incompetent, wayward, idiotic fool stands a good chance of being reelected.

“Donald Trump is a rough individual. He is vain, insensitive and raw. But he loves America more than any President in my lifetime.”

CNN’s Chris Cillizza’s problematic assessment:

This is exactly the kind of shit that propelled Donald Trump’s pursuit for the highest office in the land in 2016, from laughable to Hillary Clinton’s combative running mate.

White men are able to behave very badly and get away with it because the judicial system only acknowledges the criminality of Black and Brown citizens, and prefers to coddle the menaces to society, who are privileged enough to get away with murder in broad daylight.

So according to Cillizza’s “compelling” argument in defense of James Woods, for why Trump deserves another term despite his woeful lack of proficiency and murderous streak, it all boils down to how yet another white male is celebrated for unsightly attributes that shouldn’t be taken in consideration when surveying the “bigger picture.”

When CNN did an end-of-the-year special in 2019, that highlighted how far media has come in the last decade, host Brian Stelter didn’t recruit any guests of color to provide much-needed clarity or expertise to vital conversations, that demand a comprehensive presentation from Black and Brown voices that matter.

America is a treacherous place to live for the larger population, who suffer from lack of representation at major news organizations that love to keep it mostly white with little or no color.

White media is repeating the crimes of the 2016 elections, and that’s beyond scary when you take into account what’s at stake, and how our loud voices will be drowned out again with the dysfunction landscape of communications, that directs most of its attention to the viability of whiteness.

We are in for a shit show of grand proportions, and just like a ghastly car crash, we can’t look away; and even worse we can’t afford to.

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