How White Media Is Committed To Cleansing Filthy Whiteness

The solid reason why the media industry is lagging behind when it comes to inclusivity in prominent newsrooms, is based on the desperate inflexibility of Whiteness. That mandate dictates the placement of a White nationalist in the White House, and the band of mostly White reporters who obsessively track his every move.

It was the gross negligence of the White media that helped to create this dire reality that’s both maddening and dangerously threatening.

After Donald Trump’s successful national tour as the trumpeter of the birther conspiracy, that began about five years before his presidential run, the media developed an infectious fascination that paved the way for the KKK-themed campaigns and salacious controversies.

I was unfortunately positioned at the hub of a Hollywood trade publication, when the Access Hollywood tape made its distastefully viral appearance, and the job duties involved overnight tweets that would assist in more pollution to feed the trained beasts, who were ravenous for unhealthy treats.

The mega-phone and blinding spotlight gave Candidate Trump even more confidence and ammunition to finalize his hostile takeover.

And when his vile antics miraculously resurrected flatlined institutions like Saturday Night Live and humanized his brutish tendencies via Jimmy Fallon’s infamous hair sweep, it became very clear how White folks enjoy great TV at the expense of populations who can’t afford those hearty laughs.

Trump’s traitorous ascension was a well-orchestrated affair, that was heavily driven by the narrative of a sickly climate that was fostered by the excitement of endorsed lawlessness, and how that level of recklessness could be activated by the audacity of White supremacy.

Let’s put it this way, imagine how very different the coverage for the 2016 elections would’ve been if mostly diverse news organizations were at the helm, and executives of color were making the decisions that determine why deflections should be kept to a minimum.

So it’s no shocker that as we contemplate the dreary forecast for the 2020 election cycle, we are once again accommodating the unevenness that showcases the lack of Black and Brown faces stationed at roundtables and on location.

CNN likes to tout the falsehood of inclusion, but when you take a closer look, you’re swiftly greeted with the rotating roster of superstar anchors and correspondents that consists of mostly White women and White men, except for the low-key weekends, where it’s conveniently Blacker and Browner.

Aside from the media’s steadfast refusal to diversify, there’s also the clear and present danger of how White narratives hijack the news cycle, and inspire the nauseating articles that are curated for the benefit of ensuring that Whiteness is cleansed from the misconceptions that target the epicenter of ravaged purity.

We saw that almost immediately after the mind-numbing festivities marking that fateful inauguration, and how CBS News sent Gayle King to interview the newly-minted first daughter, Ivanka Trump, who breathily promised stunned viewers that her role as “senior adviser” would be put to good use.

Those of who knew the real deal, could easily see through the secrets and lies, as we also wondered why on earth an inexperienced socialite, who had spent most of adult life as a “businesswoman” with fashion sense was suddenly being elevated to the validated White House staffer, with the extra touch of nepotism.

And just like that “Javanka” was born!

Mainstream outlets joined the frenzied adulation of conservative media with routine updates of how “power couple,” Ivanka Trump and hubby/co-worker, Jared Kushner are enviably navigating the minefield of the nation’s capital, with remarkable stoicism and the White privilege that retains unearned nobility., The New York Times and The Atlantic have been notoriously capturing the feted exploits of Melania Trump and her much busier and more respected step-daughter, and those themes once again bear a striking resemblance to the lethality of White feminism.

That’s hardly surprising when you consider that these pitches could only be conceived by so-called liberal White women, who deceive themselves into believing their own fabrications about how they truly loathe Donald Trump.

Yet they get paid for giving his favorite daughter glowing reviews that rave at how she’s managed to avoid the worst of her father’s terrorism.

And when CNN’s dependable staple, Dana Bash elaborately curates a well-meaning series, called “Badass Women of Washington,” and inexplicably adds the graceless Kellyanne Conway to the list of superwomen, who would never work for an asshole who cages migrant babies — that’s when the biting complicity of mainstream media becomes an unforgivable act of cowardice.

We can’t forget that White talents from Fox News end up at CNN, and vice versa, which is a testament to how the messaging rarely comes from authentic voices, who comprehend what’s at stake when police brutality goes unchecked.

It’s also plays out with CNN’s recent hires of conservative talking heads, who are proven racists, like ex-Congressman and former Real World Boston cast member, Sean Duffy, who dared to argue about the un-Americanness of an American war hero, who committed the crime of being born abroad.

When intense backlash hit, after the controversial segment went viral, the network’s president, and former CEO of NBC Universal, Jeff Zucker, insisted that it was vital to add offensive pundits with unique contributions to serious conversations as a way to maintain balanced perspective.

These questionable hiring practices are approved by influential higher ups, who aren’t directly affected by the increasing epidemic of White terrorism, or maybe in Zucker’s case, as a Jewish man with more than enough wealth and security, he’s comfortably removed enough to be unbothered.

The point is that Whiteness doesn’t undergo substantial revisions when the word “liberal” is attached as the misleading label, that supposedly equals a shift towards equality, and the coverage that considers the vulnerable dispositions of targeted groups on shaky ground.

White TV producers who are mostly White males with too much power and bloated egos actually see a little bit of themselves in Donald Trump.

This leads executives at NBC to capitalize on his potent streak of normalized dysfunction by recruiting the likes of Megyn Kelly from Fox News, as the solution for the palette of “White women for Trump.”

And when the monumental deal worth a hefty sum is finalized, and the million-dollar White woman, who once used her platform at Fox to berate Black children for believing in Black Santa, inevitably defaults to her bigoted stance with the morning salute to blackface — triggered Black viewers are left wishing that one of them could be in the executive chair.

Tucker Carlson and his equally deplorable colleagues, faithfully execute directives to make nights at Fox News the basin of packaged untruths, that uphold the venomous statutes of White supremacy at all costs. They have the pleasure of unabashedly serving their evil supreme leader without the integrity of their station.

The bigwigs at the most nefarious cable news network on the planet are hellbent on honoring the wishes of late founder Roger Ailes, when it comes to dishonoring the basic requirements of journalism, that can’t be regulated to the set of rules that rejects the facts in favor of a thuggish president’s playbook.

The Atlantic recently published another long-winded and coerced writeup that was absolutely torturous to get through for obvious reasons. The first is the sheer willpower of the expectedly White woman writer, who was able to secure the assignment of washing the dirt away from Tucker Carlson until he was squeaky clean.

The striking aspect of the Carlson piece, is how it strongly borrows from the sanitization that the same author utilized for her assessment of Ivanka Trump earlier this spring, when she admitted her admiration for the first daughter, who she regarded as the beacon of what White feminism represents to White women.

No wonder these well-respected outlets prefer to restrict diverse perspectives.

Nothing can stand in the way of regulated conditioning that humanizes White gangsters based on the birthright that can’t be tainted by aggressive reporting and unbiased analysis.

Tucker Carlson is a common bastard, who was born rich, and thrived from the societal coddling that positions badly behaved White males in exclusive venues that encourage their authoritativeness, for worse and worser.

Literally hours after the national emergency, that merged the deadliness of gun violence and White terrorism with back-to-back shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH, that featured two White males, that were radicalized by the hate-filled rhetoric of #MAGA and the criminality of the NRA — Carlson callously declared White supremacy “a hoax.”

Carlson adamantly denied the facts, which clearly detailed how the White terrorist who struck El Paso, fatefully chose his location.

It was a local Walmart situated near the border. He drove a great distance to carry out the act of terrorism that resulted in the senseless murder of innocent victims who were silenced by the murderous wiles of a disciple of #MAGA.

According to the script of that awful Fox segment, White supremacy is an over-shared conspiracy theory, that perpetuates the hysteria that keeps this country divided, and empowers the misleading objectives of emphatic theorists.

Not long after Carlson’s regrettable speech, there was an avid show of support from none other than former KKK leader, David Duke, who tweeted out his embrace for Carlson’s astute demonstration of loyalty to the precious canons of White power.

Wen you read the trending item of The Atlantic’s endearing capture of Carlson’s down-to-earth, and self-depreciating candor, that White people have been gushing about and retweeting as the “must read” of the week — you will be hard pressed to detect any elements of accountability on the part of the highly-problematic and often times combative subject.

It’s mostly about the celebrated tantrums of a privileged White male, who totally gets how he can “get mad,” “make a mistake,” and “overstate things” when he “gets caught up” in his own shit, which makes him come off as “self-righteous,” but so what?

Tucker Carlson Tonight is a ratings juggernaut for Fox, that consistently reduces the competition to rubble. And that means that its out-of-control host can do just about anything he wants and then some. And when the disturbance over his latest crimes gets overwhelming, he can take a short paid vacay, and be back in a jiffy.

Listen, we don’t need to read about why Tucker Carlson is obstinately unapologetic about how he repeatedly wounds Black and Brown Americans and other marginalized communities with blisteringly ignorant statements, that he gets paid millions and millions to vomit.

Only White writers can stomach and enable the flow of bile from racists members of an ailing industry, that won’t recover from this tumultous headiness for viral confections, regardless of questionable sources.

It’s a nasty habit that almost always organizes the dramatical baptismal for embattled figures who are editorially tolerable, due to the fallibility that only applies to White people.

In the end, Tucker Carlson is okay with his mistakes, and won’t even consider a time out anytime soon, because as he brashly explains:

Yes, Tucker, it’s so damn difficult to get out of your own way, to view the bigger picture that forces the swallowing of pride, that allows for the day of reckoning, courtesy of hired Black writers, who will gladly soil your face with the dirt you create.

White media and the personalities that make the news are championing our present nightmare.

And it will persist until the power structure beckons to reflect the varied identities, who deserve the chance to write and share articles that don’t make White folks feel good about their horribly bad behavior.

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