Evangelicals praying for the impossible

How White Evangelism Uses Trump As “God’s Plan”

Back in 2019, former White House press secretary and expert liar on cue, Sarah Sanders gave an interview to the Christian Broadcasting Network, (CBN) where she declared that her supreme leader, was ordained to be president by God himself.

Her bold proclamation was expectedly controversial, but to be fair to Sanders, she does boast a background that’s seeped in white evangelism with a politician father and former governor of Arkansas, who is also minister, and currently hosts a talk show on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).

The immaculate ascension of the white savior, who was called by the Almighty at a time when white America desperately needed to be saved from threats of extinction, after weathering two-terms of the first-ever Black president became the preferred narrative of white supremacists, who’ve historically weaponized Christianity to condone unforgivable atrocities.

British imperialism was summoned by the mandate of spreading the good word of the Lord to Black brutes, blessed with limitless resources and the cultural roadmap solidifying superpower of Blackness, that was always an affront to white power — hence the violent invasions and centuries of captivity, manifested in the name of the Lord.

Kayleigh McEnany, who earlier this year, became the chosen one after her utterly useless and faceless predecessor, Stephanie Grisham, outright refused to perform her job duties, opting instead to pay weekly visits to the megaphone of a rogue administration, Fox News — has managed to outshine the best efforts of Sarah Sanders, with an uncanniness for lying while blinking.

McEnany definitely worked hard for the paid position of dutifully repackaging piles of disinformation shooting out from the bowels of compromised White House communications, with the approval of the Gangster-in-Chief and cowardly GOP leaders, who sold their souls and sealed the fate of a fragile democracy to serve God’s anointed One.

As a sought-after conservative pundit, during the high-stakes period when Candidate Trump was flexing his signature moves, featuring the playbook of blatant sexism, racism and xenophobia, McEnany was like a kid in a candy store when it came to the plethora of options of that could host her viable skill set.

Interestingly enough, CNN, the network that frequently bashes the combativeness and normalized dishonesty of the so-called press secretary, had no issue recruiting McEnany in 2015, as the ideal candidate, based on her stance as a refreshingly assertive young, white woman, who can make a strong case for conservatismin a liberal environment, without coming off as too “angry” or unpleasant.

McEnany certainly shared the same abominable values as her future boss, the raging racist who activated the birther conspiracy as the launching pad to his presidential campaign.

It’s beyond ironic that the up and coming superstar of the #MAGA movement was groomed for greatness via regular appearances on CNN’s prime-time offerings, Anderson 360 and The Lead With Jake Tapper. McEnany’s visibility also got quite the boost from her heated sparring with fellow CNN commentator Van Jones, who once praised the bankable formidability of his former colleague, “People keep taking her lightly, and they keep regretting it.”

After spending the critical months of what has turned out to be one of the most traumatic years ever on record, due to the deadliness of a global pandemic, shamelessly lying to the American people, and the White House press corps, by propelling the criminalized agenda of her supreme leader — Trump’s most valued asset is determined to leave her post in a few weeks as the disgraceful co-conspirator who went down in flames.

But maybe it was the Lord’s will all along, because as the proud Christian and Tampa native explains:

“God had a clear and definite plan for my life, and he put me on this journey in media and politics for a reason.”

She also said this:

“I tell you this to emphasize I approached this position with a sense of responsibility to live up to the task God had planned for me.”

So, clearly McEnany is convinced that despite willfully enabling the threatening antics of an egomaniacal future felon, who has been a high risk to our national security since the fateful day he took the oath of office, with her nonstop delivery of fake news and silly lies that are easily disproved, somehow her evil deeds are miraculously cleansed by the blood of Jesus.

It’s no secret that the brutality of white evangelism uses Trump as the verification of “God’s Plan.”

Even his own daughter Ivanka, is an active participant in the religious scam with her pathetic tweet showing her and Pastor Paula White, the new age prosperity preacher, and popular televangelist, who is chair of Trump’s “evangelical advisory board” — both cruelly taking advantage of someone else’s misfortune for a damn photo op.

This viral clip of Paula White is the hilarious depiction of a seasoned fraudster in action, days after Trump’s bitter election defeat.

Former Republican presidential candidate and Tea Party spokeswoman, Michele Bachmann, came out of hiding to become a viral sensation with her mind-boggling appeal to God Almighty to unlawfully reverse the ungodly results of a fair election, that was successfully implemented during unprecedented circumstances.

It goes without saying that the Lord above has a twisted sense of humor when you reflect on how the best of humanity are savagely taken away, leaving us with the worst of the lot, who swear on their smelly bibles that being white is right in the eyes of their creator.

If God did indeed create Donald Trump in his own image, then that’s proof of the weakened state of white power, and since the Almighty is perfect — we can assume no errors were made.

I don’t believe in the misconception of hierarchy in death that establishes the belief system of heaven and hell, and how that delegates where the good, bad and indifferent— rightfully end up.

But this humorous cartoon sums it all up!

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